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Picture from some events for Cyclemotors, Autocycles and Mopeds


12th November 2023—EACC Kneels Wheels Run

11th November 2023—Sizewell autojumble

17th September 2023—EACC Coprolite Run

16th & 17th September 2023—Henham Steam Rally

10th September 2023—Long Shop Motor Cycle Day

3rd September 2023—Copdock Show

12th August 2023—Worlingworth Bike Show

10th August 2023—EACC SEME Marsh Owlers Run

16th July 2023—V-CC Airborne Ride

14th–16th July 2023—Weeting Steam Rally

9th July 2023—EACC Peninsularis Run

25th June 2023—EACC Reservoir Dogs Run

18th June 2023—Suffolk Aviation Heritage Summer Show

11th June 2023—EACC Teenage Tantrum Run

7th June 2023—Informal event at Horham

6th June 2023—A visit to Caister Castle

14th May 2023—Sweffling Bygones Museum Open Day

7th May 2023—Stonham Barns Motor Cycle Rally

7th May 2023—Ipswich–Felixstowe Road Run

30th April 2023—Earsham Hall Rally

29th April 2023—Sizewell autojumble

16th April 2023—EACC Radar Run

19th March 2023—The ‘Boot & Back’ veteran cycle ride

25th February 2023—Sizewell Sort Out autojumble

2nd January 2023—EACC Mince Pie Run


13th November 2022—Kneel’s Wheels

18th September 2022—EACC Coprolite Run

11th September 2022—EACC Reservoir Dogs Run

4th September 2022—Copdock Show

5th August 2022—Whitby Traction Engine Rally

10th July 2022—EACC Peninsularis Run

12th June 2022—EACC Teenage Tantrum Run

22nd May 2022—EACC East Anglian Run

10th April 2022—VMCC Pedal & Pop Run

10th April 2022—EACC Radar Run

2nd January 2022—EACC Mince Pie Run


7th November 2021—EACC Kneel’s Wheels Run

2nd & 3rd October 2021—Suffolk Aviation Heritage Group Show

26th September 2021—EACC Coprolite Run

19th September 2021—East Anglian Copdock Show

12th September 2021—EACC Whitwell Station Run

18th July 2021—EACC Reservoir Dogs Run

11th July 2021—EACC Peninsularis Run

4th July 2021—EACC Teenage Tantrum Run

3rd January 2021—EACC Mince Pie Run


6th September 2020—Coprolite Run

26th July 2020—East Anglian Run

8th March 2020—Alex’s Birthday Run

5th January 2020—EACC Mince Pie Run


14th December 2019—Central Classics, Houten

24th November 2019—Kneels Wheels

17th November 2019—Bromfietsbeurs Heerhugowaard

3rd November 2019—Ipswich Old Bike Jumble

13th October 2019—NACC Vincent Run

13th October 2019—Suffolk Aviation Heritage Group’s Autumn Vintage Vehicle Day

6th October 2019—Copdock Show

22nd September 2019—EACC Norfolk Broads Run

12th September 2019—EACC Steeple Morden Run

8th September 2019—EACC Coprolite Run

18th August 2019—EACC Bluebell Run

11th August 2019—EACC Periwinkle Run

28th July 2019—EACC CARD Run

14th July 2019—EACC Peninsularis Run

19th May 2019—EACC 38th East Anglian Run

14th April 2019—EACC Radar Run

10th March 2019—Alex’s Birthday Run

6th January 2019—EACC Mince Pie Run


15th December 2018—Central Classics, Houten

11th November 2018—Kneel’s Wheels

6th October 2018—Copdock Show

13th September 2018—The Guilden Morden Run

9th September 2018—The Coprolite Run

12th August 2018—The Peter Smith Memorial Periwinkle Run

29th July 2018—CARD Run

8th July 2018—Peninsularis Run

7th July 2018—Classic gathering at Horham

28th May 2018—Cycles at Ipswich Transport Museum

27th May 2018—EACC Reservoir Dogs Run

20th May 2018—EACC East Anglian Run

15th April 2018—EACC Radar Run

25th March 2018—EACC Duloe Daffodil Dash

11th March 2018—EACC Alex’s Birthday Run

7th January 2018—EACC Mince Pie Run


16th December 2017—Central Classics, Houten

19th November 2017—Kneel’s Wheels

1st October 2017—Copdock Show

14th September 2017—Steeple Morden Run

10th September 2017—Coprolite Run

20th August 2017—Bluebell Run

13th August 2017—Peter Smith Memorial Periwinkle Run

30th July 2017—35th East Anglian Run and The Ted Ashton Memorial Trundle

9th July 2017—Peninsularis Run

18th June 2017—Reservoir Dogs Run

21st May 2017—35th East Anglian Run

20th May 2017—EACC ride to the David Silver Honda Collection museum

23rd April 2017—EACC Radar Run

26th March 2017—EACC Duloe Daffodil Dash

5th March 2017—V-CC Boot and back

8th January 2017—EACC Mince Pie Run


17th December 2016—Central Classic beurs at Houten

20th November 2016—Heerhugowarrd Bromfietsbeurs

13th November 2016—Kneel’s Wheels

9th October 2016—Vincent Run

2nd October 2016—Copdock Show

15th September 2016—Steeple Morden Run

11th September 2016—Coprolite Run

21st August 2016—Bluebell Run

14th August 2016—Periwinkle Run

10th July 2016—Peninsularis Run

2nd July 2016—Opening Day at the David Silver Collection

26th June 2016—Reservoir Dogs Run

30th May 2016—Cycles & mopeds at Ipswich Transport Museum

22nd May 2016—34th East Anglian Run

10th April 2016—Heerhugowarrd Bromfietsbeurs

3rd April 2016—EACC Duloe Daffodil Dash

20th March 2016—EACC Radar Run

13th March 2016—V-CC The Boot and back

3rd January 2016—EACC Mince Pie Run


22nd November 2015—Bromfietsbeurs Heerhugowaard

15th November 2015—Kneel’s Wheels

4th October 2015—Copdock Show

24th September 2015—Steeple Morden Run

13th September 2015—Coprolite Run

6th September 2015—Shuttleworth Shuffle

16th August 2015—Periwinkle Run

26th July 2015—Grafham Water Gander

12th July 2015—Peninsularis Run

14th June 2015—4e Bromfietsbeurs Margriethal

7th June 2015—The Reservoir Dogs Run

17th May 2015—The 33rd East Anglian Run

12th April 2015—The Radar Run

22nd March 2015—Duloe Daffodil Dash

8th March 2015—Bermuda Classic Bike Club charity ride

4th January 2015—EACC Mince Pie Run


23rd November 2014—Heerhugowaard moped jumble

16th November 2014—EACC Kneel’s Wheels

4th & 12th October 2014—NACC Vincent Cycleway Run

4th & 5th October 2014—Copdock Show

14th September 2014—EACC Coprolite Run

31st August 2014—EACC Shuttleworth Shuffle

17th August 2014—EACC Periwinkle Run

6th July 2014—EACC Peninsularis Run

9th June 2014—OMS Nieuw Vennep Run

1st June 2014—EACC Reservoir Dogs Run

24th May 2014—Plofkesrit at Harkema festival week

18th May 2014—East Anglian Run

17th May 2014—Sligro Oldtimerdag, Drachten

4th May 2014—EACC Star Wars Run

19th April 2014—Moped run at Kollum

13th April 2014—EACC 11th Radar Run

30th March 2014—EACC Duloe Daffodil Dash

23rd March 2014—1st Moped & motorcycle show at Leek (The Netherlands)


29th December 2013—EACC 31st Mince Pie Run

24th November 2013—Heerhugowaard Bromfietsbeurs

17th November 2013—EACC Kneel’s Wheels

6th October 2013—EACC stand at Copdock Show

28th & 29th September 2013—Pistons & Props at Sywell Aerodrome

15th September 2013—EACC Coprolite Run

8th September 2013—EACC Airship Run

18th August 2013—EACC Periwinkle Run

21st July 2013—VMCC Founders Day

14th July 2013—New York Bastille Day Rendez-vous

7th July 2013—EACC Peninsularis Run

29th June 2013—Tocht Heerenveen

2nd June 2013—EACC Reservoir Dogs Run

19th May 2013—EACC 31st East Anglian Run

28th April 2013—VMCC Nasty Run

14th April 2013—Bronfietsbeurs Heerhugowaard

7th April 2013—EACC Radar Run

31st March 2013—V-CC Suffolk Trudge


30th December 2012—EACC 30th Mince Pie Run

25th November 2012—Heerhugowaard bromfietsbeurs

24th November 2012—Surhuisterveen motor cycle show

18th November 2012—Kneel’s Wheels

4th November 2012—NACC Devon Dipper Run

28th & 30th September 2012—Copdock Classic Motorcycle Show

22nd September 2012—Nationaal Veteraan Treffen

16th September 2012—EACC Coprolite Run

9th September 2012—EACC Airship Run

2nd September 2012—EACC Old Run

19th August 2012—EACC Periwinkle Run

16th August 2012—Kollum Paalzitrit

11th August 2012—Lauwersmeertocht

21st July 2012—Winsum Oldtimer Day

1st July 2012—Peninsularis Run

29th June to 1st July 2012—EACC West Anglians go further West

24th June 2012—EACC at Felixstowe Bike Show

17th June 2012—Bromfietsbeurs Margriethal

10th June 2012—Horham Bygones Run

3rd June 2012—Reservoir Dogs Run

3rd June 2012—Rando Cyclos at Sars Poteries

20th May 2012—30th East Anglian Run

18th & 19th May 2012—A trip around the Lauwersmeer

17th May 2012—Hoornsterzwaag Oldtimer Festival

6th May 2012—Nasty & Nice Run

15th April 2012—Radar Run

14th April 2012—Alternatieve Elfstedentocht

25th March 2012—Duloe Daffodil Dash

2nd March 2012—Vehikel, Utrecht

8th January 2012—EACC Mince Pie Run


20th Novenber 2011—EACC Kneel’s Wheels

23rd October 2011—ECP Final Fling

16th October 2011—NACC Wiltshire Section ride

2nd October 2011—EACC stand at Copdock Show

24th September 2011—Nationaal Veteraan Treffen

18th September 2011—EACC Coprolite Run

18th September 2011—EACC Suffolk Scamper

11th September 2011—EACC Airship Run

11th September 2011—ECP at Norfolk Gala Day

4th September 2011—EACC Shuttleworth Shuffle

20th August 2011—Ruinerwold Oldtimerfestival

7th August 2011—East Anglian Micro Car Club rally

6th August 2011—The Vincent Run

29rd to 31st July 2011—Moped meet at Enkenbach-Alsenborn

24th July 2011—VMCC Founder’s Day Rally

10th July 2011—Wiltshire ride from Wooton Bassett

9th & 10th July 2011—Festival of 1,000 bikes

3rd July 2011—EACC Peninsularis Run

26th June 2011—EACC stand at Felixstow Show

26th June 2011—Heuvelland Ride

25th & 26th June 2011—NACC Coast to Coast

19th June 2011—A Swiss Oldtimer rally

11th and 12th June 2011—EACC Weekend at Horham

5th June 2011—Rando Cyclos at Sars Poteries

3rd June 2011—Driebruggen ride

22nd May 2011—EACC Great Ouse Cruise

21st & 22nd May 2011—NACC East Coast Pedalers Camping Weekend

15th May 2011—EACC 29th East Anglian Cyclemotor Run

8th May 2011—The Nice 1

8th May 2011—Hurworth Show

17th April 2011—Heerhugoward Jumble

16th April 2011—Alternative Elfstedentocht

10th April 2011—The Radar Run

27th March 2011—Strictly Come Stinkwheeling

27th March 2011—Groene Hart lakes ride

12th March 2011—BC de Stofwolk Snertrit

20th February 2011—ECP ‘Washington’s Birthday’ Ride

13th February 2011—NACC Devon Autocyclists "ValleyNtines Ride"

30th January 2011—Kâhwe Klâhwe

2nd January 2011—Mince Pie Run


21st November 2010—Heerhugoward Jumble

14th November 2010—EACC Kneel’s Wheels

31st October 2010—Groene Hart Reeuwijkse lakes ride

3rd October 2010—EACC Stand at Copdock Show

19th September 2010—EACC Coprolite Run

12th September 2010—EACC Airship Run

5th September 2010—EACC Wetheringsett Run

4th & 5th September 2010—Coventry Festival of Motoring

22nd August 2010—BC de Stofwolk coast ride

1st August 2010—Garioch Vintage and Veteran Rally

23rd to 25th July 2010—Moped meet at Enkenbach-Alsenborn

18th July 2010—VMCC Founder’s Day

4th July 2010—EACC Peninsularis Run

19th June 2010—NACC Coast to Coast Run

12th & 13th June 2010—EACC Horham Weekend

6th June 2010—Utrecht Bromfietsbeurs

30th May 2010—EACC Cambridgeshire Run

23rd May 2010—EACC 28th East Anglian Cyclemotor Run

16th May 2010—East Coast Peddlers at Great Welnetham Rally

8th May 2010—BC de Stofwolk Melkrijdersrit

24th April 2010—The 'Nasty' Run

18th April 2010—BC de Stofwolk Betuwerit

11th April 2010—The Radar Run

10th April 2010—Alternative Elfstedentocht

21st March 2010—Duloe Daffodil Dash

13th March 2010—BC de Stofwolk Snertrit

7th March 2010—VMCC Cyclemotor Sussex

5th March 2010—Vehikel, Utrecht

31st January 2010—Kâhwe Klâhwe

3rd January 2010—EACC 27th Mince Pie Run


15th November 2009—EACC Kneel’s Wheels ride

8th November 2009—Groene Hart end-of-season ride at Waddinxveen

1st November 2009—NACC Devon Section Devon Dipper Run

25th October 2009—BC de Stofwolk end-of-season ride

4th October 2009—EACC stand at Copdock Show

20th September 2009—NACC Devon Section at the Country Life Museum

13th September 2009—EACC Coprolite Run

6th September 2009—EACC Great Ouse Cruise

2nd August 2009—East Anglian Microcar Club Rally

19th July 2009—The John Wells Run

11th & 12th July 2009—NACC Devon Section at Powderham Show

5th July 2009—EACC Peninsularis Run

4th July 2009—St Albert Cheese Factory rally

27th & 28th June 2009—NACC Coast to Coast Run

14th June 2009—Ste Anne de Prescott Antique Day

13th & 14th June 2009—EACC Horham Weekend

12th to 14th June 2009—Bockhorn

17th May 2009—EACC 27th East Anglian Cyclemotor Run

3rd May 2009—ITM Ipswich to Felixstowe Road Run

19th April 2009—NACC N Wilts Section Malmesbury Run incorporating the Lohmann Grand Prix!

5th April 2009—EACC Radar Run

8th March 2009—EACC West Anglian Spring Run

6th March 2009—Vehikel, Utrecht

1st March 2009—Veteran-Cycle Club—The Boot and Back

4th January 2009—EACC 26th Mince Pie Run


23rd November 2008—Heerhugoward Jumble

16th November 2008—EACC ‘Kneel’s Wheels’ Run & Jumble

18th October 2008—OMS rally at Putten

5th October 2008—EACC stand at Copdock Show

28th September 2008—EACC West Anglian Run

21st September 2008—NACC North Wiltshire Run

20th September 2008—Nationaal Veteraan Treffen

7th September 2008—EACC Coprolite Run

18th August 2008—Norfolk Crab Run

3rd August 2008—EACC Ef’s Essex Excursion

20th July 2008—NACC N Wilts Section Wootton Bassett Run

6th July 2008—EACC Peninsularis Run

5th July 2008—NACC Devon Section at Powderham Show

15th June 2008—EACC Horham Bygones Run

25th May 2008—Utrecht Bromfietsbeurs and Zündapp Exhibition

18th May 2008—EACC 26th East Anglian Cyclemotor Run

18th May 2008—NZ Cyclaid Register—Piha Run

12th May 2008—Oud Maar Sterk Pinksterrit (Whitsun Ride)

10th May 2008—Barneveld bromfietsbeurs

4th May 2008—ITM Ipswich to Felixstowe Road Run

13th April 2008—EACC Fifth Radar Run and Mopedjumble

16th March 2008—NACC Cantabrian Run

9th March 2008—Veteran-Cycle Club—The Boot and Back

7th to 9th March 2008—Cyclaid Rally, Clyde, New Zealand

10th February 2008—NACC East Coast Pedallers—Roly’s Birthday Ride

6th January 2008—25th Mince Pie Run


25th November 2007—Heerhugoward Jumble

11th November 2007—NACC/EACC ‘Kneel’s Wheels’ Run & Jumble

14th October 2007—NACC Cantabrian Run

7th October 2007—Stand at Copdock Show

9th September 2007—NACC Coprolite Run & Jumble

1st July 2007—NACC Peninsularis Run

10th June 2007—NACC Horham Bygones Run

20th May 2007—NACC 25th East Anglian Cyclemotor Run

15th April 2007—NACC Fourth Radar Run and Mopedjumble


1st October 2006—NACC Stand at Copdock Show

10th September 2006—NACC Coprolite Run

3rd September 2006— Internationale Bromfietstreffen, Wellen

30th July 2006—NACC Ef’s Essex Excursion

9th April 2006—NACC Third Radar Run and Mopedjumble


19th & 20th June 2004—NACC Coast to Coast


25th May 2003—Rando Cyclos at Sar Poteries

28th & 29th June 2003—NACC AGM Rally

20th Century

1st June 1997—Rando Cyclos at Sars Poteries

17th September 1995—NACC Sandringham Ride

3rd July 1994—VMCC National Cyclemotor Run

23rd May 1993—NACC 12th East Anglian Run

13th September 1992—NACC York Run: The Derwent Valley Venture

17th May 1992—NACC 11th East Anglian Run

July 1991—Team Firefly

21st to 23rd June 1991—NACC 10th Anniversary Rally

28th July 1991—1st Breckland Forest Run

19th May 1991—NACC 10th East Anglian Run

4th November 1990—Norfolk East Coast Run

20th May 1990—NACC 9th East Anglian Cyclemotor Run

1980s—H&DGCS events

26th December 1989—NACC Mince Pie Run

11th September 1988—NACC York Run

17th May 1987—NACC 6th East Anglian Cyclemotor Run

1970s—H&DGCS events

July 1959—Testing Elswick-Hopper mopeds

22nd June 1939—Luncheon at the Grosvenor House Hotel


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