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The Airship Run

12 September 2010

Report by David Osborn
Photos by Mark Daniels, David Osborn and Andrew Pattle

Sunday 12th September saw the inaugural running of The Airship Run.

The event was organised by the North Herts Non-Conformists under the auspices of the EACC

The run was based at Cardington in Bedfordshire.  The 25-mile route ran though the villages and hamlets of mid-Bedfordshire.  Not one to be missed for the future.

Cardington was the base of early airship development and it was here that the airship R101 took off on its ill-fated flight.

The Airship Run included a Moped Jumble and the whole event was enthusiastically supported.  Even the weather decided to join in with a very sunny day.

The event went smoothly with all the entrants, one way or another, finding their way back to base.  There were a couple of machine failures: a Raleigh moped coughed its last in Shefford High Street; another rider generously gave up his ride to the Raleigh man in the true spirit of cyclemotoring.  The other machine failure concerned a Solex, which suffered une panne du embrayage.  Both machines were recovered by the organisers.

Following the success of the Non-Conformists' Nasty Run, their first ever event earlier in the year, plans for next year are well under way.  Look out for the Nice Run.

Many thanks to all the backroom staff for a good run out.

The Village Hall in Cardington

First to arrive The view from the window The mopedjumble Mobylette Mopeds outside Cardingon Village Hall The bikes lined up neatly Two Raleigh Runabouts Two Raleighs and two Hondas The Mopedjumble The Mopedjumble Raleigh RM1C and VéloSoleX VéloSoleX More machines outside the hall Lomax Demm Dove

Along the route

Yamaha RXS100 Raleigh RM9 Vespa and Lomax Raleigh RM6 Lomax Vespa and Lomax Along the route James Superlux Along the route Along the route Honda PC50 Raleigh RM8

Returning from the run

Kerry Capitano Vespa Honda PC50

After the ride

Kerry Capitano Taking a rest after the ride Discussing the merits of the RM1 In front of the hall

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