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NACC Vincent Run

October 9th, 2016

Photos and Report by Chris Sawyer

The annual Vincent run, organised by the NHNC group started off in bright autumnal sunshine from Fairlands Valley Park in Stevenage on 9 October.  The route was unchanged from previous years and being on the cyclepaths of Stevenage was nominally restricted to ‘mopeds’.  The optional small motorbike route, which was new for this year and which shadows (little Vincent pun there) the cycle path route on the roads had no takers.  We have a mid-morning stop at the site of the old Vincent motorbike works in Old Stevenage and hence the name of the run.  Every year we hope for a Vincent Firefly to join us, but again no takers.  Maybe next year; anyone out there?

Again as an enhancement, I decided not to ride, but to provide a breakdown backup service with my van, this of course ensured that nobody had even the slightest hint of a problem.  An interesting selection of bikes with nine riders, slightly down on last years astonishing 19, but still a good turn out by normal standards.  We had:

Ken Howard on a real Cyclemaster, very much a rarity these days considering their original ubiquity.  25cc too, not the rorty 32cc version.

Peter Lawson on one of his trusty Puch Maxis.  Peter ‘fresh’ from the gruelling VMCC 100-mile run last week.

Tom Lucas on his VéloSoleX, I don’t know what type, but good to see two of this make the other being:

David Ross on his folding version, pretty special even to my uneducated eyes.  Resplendent in orange, David transported it in his matching orange, period Citroëen ‘corrugated’ ambulance.  Très chic.  A folding moped works so much better with the engine at the same end as the controls.

Alan Hummerstone used his trusty and very speedy Itom.

New-ish NHNC member, Gordon Hallett, an aficionado of all things two-wheeled and Italian, came on his lovely red Mosquito, which ran well in the Mediterranean sunshine.

Alan Gray piloted his Honda Express, happy in the Pacific weather and ran well on Gresley Way.  Work it out.

Both David Osborn and Gary Clark rode the Suzuki product, David’s being an X1 50 and Gary’s an A50.

We welcomed two visitors from the Stevenage and District Motorcycle Club: Dave and Pat who turned up to see us off.  Gordon and I are also members of that club.

Next year’s run is already pencilled in for Sunday 8 October 2017; I hope to be a bit more enthusiastic with the publicity next year and try to wheedle out some more cyclemotors and particularly Vincent Fireflys.  Although there are some ‘gradients’ I can testify that it is possible to get right round without LPA on my 32cc Cyclemaster.  Don’t forget there is a road route for above 50cc bikes although not intended to be sustitutional for the smaller machines, it offers lots of places to stop and watch the ‘mopeds’ go round.

Again following the routine, we dived off into the countryside to the Crown at Aston End and enjoyed a good lunch before all returning to Fairlands Park to sign off.

Vincent Run, Stevenage Vincent Run, Stevenage