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Horham Bygones Run
15 June 2008

Photos by Andrew Pattle, Carl Harper and Mark Daniels

The day before

The EACC run is on the Sunday, but on Saturday there's the main Horham Bygones rally.

Luke's display: Cyclemaster, Winged Wheel, pre-war Sachs Saxonette and 'Levules' Cyclemaster in Phillips P35 frame Bown and Excelsior autocycles Kerry Capitano and GYS Motamite James autocycle Raleigh RM4 in the jumble

Sunday at Horham

Keith's New Hudson Paul Daniels on a Gundle trade bike A cluster of mopeds Corvette, Moby and a tractor-like thing Gadabout, Yamaha and Simson A Capitano and a cup of tea ... with a saucer

At Saxted Green

Procession through the buttercups Alex, Norman autocycle and Saxted Mill Martin on the Super Tourist The 'Magic Thing' accelerates briskly Yamaha FS1E at Saxtead Mill Nick on his Mobylette John riding a Honda Novio Ken and the Simson join the main road Colin on his Puch Maxi Keith Ashby on a New Hudson autocycle

At Wetheringsett

Ralph and Alex approch the Railway Museum Paul Daniels on a Solo moped Joe and his Mobylette

At the MSLR museum

Nick Bence-Jones on the station platform Paul makes a new friend Trade carrier autocycles Paul and Nick look on... ...while Danny takes a photo

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