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Heerhugwaard, 21 November 2010

Photos by Andrew Pattle

We’ve been on another trip accrss to the Netherlands, this time to the jumble at Heerhugowaard.  It’s a couple of years since the last time we went.

Inside the hall

The jumble takes place in a Sports Hall and here’s a general view down the centre aisle of stalls.

Inside the hall

Here’s another general view inside the hall.  Now we’ll start being more specific—rather than going round the hall in order, let’s look at the different types of machines, starting with the cyclemotors.


Berini M13

It will come as no surpise that there were several Berini cyclemotors at a jumble in The Netherlands.  This one is on a Simplex cycle.

Berini M13

Another Berini.  The vendor was asking €675 for this one.

Bianchi Aquilotto

Cyclemotor or moped?  Even though it was sold as a complete machine, it could go on a bicycle frame so we’re putting this Bianchi Aquilotto in the cyclemotor category.

Cyclaid engine

The engine from a Cyclaid.  (Ignore that thing behind it, it’s only a Cucciolo chainwheel.)

Cyclemaster engine

The engine from a 25cc Cyclemaster.

Cucciolo spares

Who said Ducati Cucciolo spares were hard to find?  Here’s a whole table full of them.

Cucciolo gear lever

This is what you need to convert your Ducati Cucciolo to hand-change.

Locomotief HiFi B10 Locomotief HiFi B10

Yes, it’s another Berini, but the complete ensemble is called a Locomotief HiFi B10.


A Mosquito—There were a few of these at the jumble…

Mosquito Mosquito

…and here’s another one…


…and this is a Mosquito in a box.

Uniek cyclemotor

This is an unfamiliar cyclemotor; the labels says Uniek, which could be the marque name, or could just mean it’s a one-off.  We’ll plump for the former since we think we’ve heard the name before … if only we could remember where. Anyway, whatever it is, is was for sale at €550.

Now we’ll move on to the mopeds and will split them up into the utility ones and the more exotic ones.  Our decisions about what goes in which category will be a little arbitrary but, roughly speaking, the exotica will be all the ones with either sporting pretensions or ridiculous amounts of bodywork.  As there were several four-strokes there, we’ll split those out into a separate category.

Utility Mopeds

Batavus Bilonet

The Batavus Bilonet uses an Jlo engine.

Garelli Automatic

A Garelli Automatic.

Legnano moped

This Sachs-engined moped is an Italian Legnano.

Phoenix Saxonette

This Phoenix Saxonette is based on the Sachs 221 moped.

Piaggio Boxer

This is a Piaggio Boxer.

Rhonson Rhonsonette

The Rhonson Rhonsonette was made in Lyon.  Lyon is at the confluence of the rivers Rhône and Saône; Rhonson is a contraction of these two names.

Simson SR2E

This Simson SR2E dates from 1963.

Terrot Cyclorette Terrot Cyclorette

The Terrot Cyclorette is a roller-drive moped using a Maquet engine in an Eriac frame.

Typhoon Timatic

We had no difficulty in identifying this one—though we would have found it harder if it hadn’t had a big label on it saying Typhoon Timatic.

Union moped

Union moped.

VéloSoleX 6000

Shaft-drive VéloSoleX 6000.

VéloSoleX spares

VéloSoleX spares as far as the eye can see.


And some complete VéloSoleXes too.

Zircon moped Zircon moped Zircon moped

Here’s one we hadn’t heard of before: a Zircon.  The déposé on the badge on the frame suggests it’s from a French-speaking country and the ‘Z’ pressed in the frame shows that it’s probably not something else that’s been 'badge-engineered’.  We think it comes from Belgium rather than France.

Four-stroke Mopeds

Pegaso moped

There were several four-strokes at the jumble.  This one is a Pegaso; it’s fully restored and being offered for sale at €1,650.

Demm Sport Unificato

A Demm Sport Unificato would cost you a lot more: €2,850 was the asking price—though that was by no means the most expensive moped there.

Moto Morini Corsarino

Next of the four strokes was this Morini Corsarino.


There are usually a few Motoms at any Dutch mopedjumble.  This one seemed very reasonably priced at €395

Demm Sports Special

Probably one of the most expensive mopeds at the event, this Demm Sports Special is in the ‘If you need to ask the price, you can’t afford it’ category … so we didn’t ask.

Exotic Mopeds

Zündapps and Kreidlers

What could be better that a line of Zündapp and Kreidler sports mopeds to start this section?

BM Jaguarino Extra

€2,950 was the price on this Batavus Whippet.  Why was this unrestored machine more expensive than a lot of the immaculately restored ones?  Because it’s a Batavus Whippet!

BM Jaguarino Extra

On the same stand as the Uniek cyclemotor was a BM Jaguarino.  The kick-start and the bell-mouth on the exhaust make this the Jaguarino Extra.

Demm sports moped Demm sports moped

A Demm sports moped—a two-stroke this time.

DKW Sport

A DKW Sport.

DKW Hummel Sport

Two more DKW Hummel Sport mopeds.

A pair of Itom mopeds

If you were after an Itom, you had a choice of colours.

Locomotief HiFi 9 Locomotief HiFi 9

Locomotief HiFi 9

Magneet Globemaste

Like the HiFi 9, this Magneet Globemaster has large amounts of bodywork for its little engine to move.


This one’s a Malaguti.

Monark Monarscoot

The Monark Monarscoot was made in Sweden.

Moto Guzzi Dingo

A Moto Guzzi Dingo.

Oscar aports moped

Although this Oscar was primarily at the event to adorn the Bromfiets stand, it was for sale.

RAP Crown

This RAP moped is the Crown 3V model.

Sparta Sport 3V Sparta Sport 3V

Sparta Sport 3V

Sparta Sport 2V

Very similar to the previous one, this is a Sparta Sport 2V.

Van Veen Kreidler

A Van Veen Kreidler seems like a good way of rounding off this section of exotica.

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