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Some events for Cyclemotors, Autocycles and Mopeds

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Every Tuesday

EACC and FMCC evening meeting at the Falcon, Walton, Felixstowe.  Map



7th January

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The EACC 41st Mince Pie Run from Orwell Yacht Club, Ipswich.  Map
Meet from 9:30am.  The lunch stop will be at the Shipwreck Bar, Shotley.
The Mince Pie Run is dedicated to the memory of Dave Evans, who was the run’s organiser for 20 years.

For details and directions Martin Gates on or

16th April

Suitable for cyclemotors

The Radar Run—ideal for cyclemotors

The Radar Run has an optional, shortened route for cyclemotors, 11 miles shorter than the main route.  The cyclemotor route runs along the same roads as the main route but omits two ‘dead end’ spurs.  This means that the back-up vehicle can cover both routes.

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A Village Hall Event

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The EACC 17th Radar Run and Mopedjumble starts at Bromeswell Village Hall  Map
There’s a superb circuit around Bawdsey peninsula with lots of historical interest details on the course notes.  All welcome—free Day Membership if you're not an EACC member, the usual free pitches for jumble stands—call Paul on to allow him to set your spot in the hall.  Jumble opens from 9:30am, run sets off at 11am.
Everyone welcome - Free day membership if you're not an EACC member.

5th May

Moto Rétro Genk
Bourse de cyclomoteur et motos d'epoque / Oldtimer bromfiets en motorbeurs
Geleenlaan 29, 3600 Genk, Belgium  Map
Open from 09:00
5€ admission
Free parking
For more information, e-mail

5th May

52nd Ipswich to Felixstowe Road Run, organised by Ipswich Transport Museum.  Several EACC members take part in this every year - and several more watch it go past the Falcon at Walton, Felixstowe.
11:30am departure from Christchurch Park, Ipswich to Felixstowe Promenade, where the vehicles will be on display in the afternoon.  Entries have to be in by the end of March.


Many events listed in this calendar are "closed to club members".  The EACC offers free day membership to visiting riders at all its rides.  The NACC, British Two-Stroke Club and the VMCC Cyclemotor Section also offer day membership at selected events, for which there is usually a charge.  The golden rule is: if you want to take part in an event listed here and you do not belong to the organising club, always contact the event organiser to see if you are permitted to take part.

Generally, riders of veteran and low powered machines are also welcome at these events.  Contact the event organiser for details.

Please call at a reasonable hour when telephoning for details of events (not forgetting the time difference if you’re ’phoning another country).

List of Events Event Reports

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12th November 2023—EACC Kneels Wheels Run

11th November 2023—Sizewell autojumble

17th September 2023—EACC Coprolite Run

16th & 17th September 2023—Henham Steam Rally

10th September 2023—Long Shop Motor Cycle Day

3rd September 2023—Copdock Show

12th August 2023—Worlingworth Bike Show

10th August 2023—EACC SEME Marsh Owlers Run

16th July 2023—V-CC Airborne Ride

14th–16th July 2023—Weeting Steam Rally

9th July 2023—EACC Peninsularis Run

25th June 2023—EACC Reservoir Dogs Run

18th June 2023—Suffolk Aviation Heritage Summer Show

11th June 2023—EACC Teenage Tantrum Run

7th June 2023—Informal event at Horham

6th June 2023—A visit to Caister Castle

14th May 2023—Sweffling Bygones Museum Open Day

7th May 2023—Stonham Barns Motor Cycle Rally

7th May 2023—Ipswich–Felixstowe Road Run

30th April 2023—Earsham Hall Rally

29th April 2023—Sizewell autojumble

16th April 2023—EACC Radar Run

19th March 2023—The ‘Boot & Back’ veteran cycle ride

25th February 2023—Sizewell Sort Out autojumble

2nd January 2023—EACC Mince Pie Run

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