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2 September 2012

Photos by Remo Ruta, David Osborn & Andrew Pattle
Ride Report by Ralph Richardson

The weather was not fair for a foray into the Rose of the Shires.  Mark and his trusty labourer Andrew arrived at the immaculate hall in the village of Old.  Many goodies were displayed on his "table top sale" compared to "the junk" I had brought along for those who love touching rusty metal.

The kettle was on, bacon and eggs were in the pan, all that was missing were participants.  Time wore on, then a crowd of one or two turned up, some local, some from as far as West London.

Jim arrived with his usual beaming smile from Norfolk, saying "I could not find Stanford Hall".

All eleven riders set off for a twenty five mile jaunt through some beautiful Northamptonshire villages to the pub stop.  An interesting diversion was negotiating a gated road with cattle poised to stampede (slight exaggeration) should we stray from the tarmac.  The bull in the field was eyeing up Mark on his Motom, perhaps it was his red bike that drew its attention!

Safely gated, the convoy meandered over rolling hillside to arrive unscathed at Brampton Halt pub.  Only a Puch's baffle tube decided to eject itself from its container, but was soon recovered from the verge.

Disappointingly, the pub did not wish to serve sandwiches on a Sunday, you can see why so many pubs are closing!

Two riders joined us from their trip to VMCC's Founders Day rally on their sports mopeds.  Well done for combining the two events.  The eight mile return to Old was straight forward with no casualties.

Tea and cakes were consumed before everyone drifted off home. I think most enjoyed the experience.

Michael Green, unfortunately, could not ride on this occasion.  But we wish him a speedy recovery and fighting fit for another time.

Thank you to all who came along including David and Pete in their car, see you at Cardington.  By the reaction from the riders, this run could be developed in future years as this part of the countryside has a lot to offer.

Meeting at Old Village Hall

Old Village Hall Inside Old Village Hall Outside Old Village Hall Seven of the eleven bikes on the run Batavus HS50 Puch MV50 Mobylette 7 Puch Maxi

On the ride

First rider away Riding through Old Riding through Old Riding through Old Riding through Old Along the route Along the route A stop to consult the route sheet A stop to consult the route sheet Negotiating one of the gates

Lunch stop at Brampton Halt

As well as the Brampton Halt pub, the Northampton & Lamport Railway is at the same site.

At Brampton Halt At Brampton Halt Bikes and riders at Brampton Halt Northampton & Lamport Railway Northampton & Lamport Railway Northampton & Lamport Railway Fantic GT Simson S51 Bikes and riders at Brampton Halt Free Spirit and Maxi Vespa Puch Free Spirit

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