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EACC Duloe Daffodil Dash

30 March 2014

Photos by Andrew Pattle, David Evans, Mark Daniels, and Roger Bailey
Report by Ralph Richardson

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Duloe Daffodil Dash

After last year’s cancellation due to snow, this year the weather gods were kind to us.  Twenty seven riders signed-on on Mothers’ Day, which I had not planned for when setting the date.  With this in mind, I was expecting less of a turn out, so a big thank you to all who came along.  Also the clocks went forward an hour so we lost out on a bit more time in bed.

Yet another hiccup occurred on Saturday when Chris and I called in at the pub stop, only to find it had changed hands and the new landlord could not do much in the way of food.  We, therefore, called in on the newly reopened Chequers in Yelden; Lisa the landlady saved the day and welcomed our attendance.  The run, unfortunately, was not without incident: Bev, on his less-than-immaculate Honda ‘Expire’, went the extra mile, in fact he only went a mile before losing all sparks (Bring a bigger packet of sparks next time, Bev!)  Still he enjoyed the rest of the run in the recovery car.

In a more serious incident, Dave Evans was in collision with a car on the route and ended up in Bedford A&E, bruised but not broken.  We all hope Dave is recovering well.  The daffodils were in all their glory as the day warmed up and the sun shone.

In all a good start to the season.  Thanks to Lyn, Owen, Matt, Chris, and Mark for their help with the run.  Also, it was great to see Alex doing well after his operation.

Look out for The Star Wars Run, May the 4th at Yeldon village hall.

Bye for now,

Meeting at Duloe Village Hall

Duloe Village Hall A meeting of Autocyclists Anonymous Harvey unloads the Suzuki James and New Hudson autocycles Keith won't get lost Lohmann: smallest engine on the run A few bikes were slightly bigger than the Lohmann Autocycles and mopeds Mobylette 50V PC50 corner Corvette and Quickly An AV thirty-something and a Quickly Mobylette 50V Honda Express Excelsior! Bown David & Andy with the Excelsior

Along the route

PC50 ... 50V ... lawnmower Mobylette Standard PC50 James Superlux Honda Monkey Bike Vespa, Puch and, by the law of averages, a PC50 Bown autocycle

Lunch stop: Yelden Chequers

Monkey bike James Vespa PC50 Corvette Mobylette AV thirty-odd Monkey bike Suzuki Excelsior Autobyk Excelsior Autobyk A Kawasaki of some sort Mobylette 50V Simson Puch Maxi Bown Auto Roadster Bown Auto Roadster New Hudson autocycle New Hudson autocycle PC50 PC50

Back at Duloe

Simson Excelsior

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