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Ef's Essex Excursion 2006

[Photos by Andrew Pattle]

Rettendon Place

Near the start - Essex boys Ef and Martin lead the way Evans at the head of the peloton

West Hanningfield

Nelmo coming through the trees on the Carrier Motobyk Pete on his New Hudson ... and what's that behind him? It's Tom driving a Lomax Waiting for a gap in the traffic All clear - and off they go

Billericay - Is there no end to the exotic locations on these runs?

Danny on a Kerry Capitano Neil on a Mobylette

Return to Rettendon Wheatsheaf

Ef signals his left turn to the pub Roly and Carl aren't far behind Some of the bikes lined up outside the Wheatsheaf Still waiting for stragglers Here comes one - confused by the weird road layout, Evans ends up on the cycle pat

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