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VMCC Founder’s Day

21 July 2013

Photos by Andrew Pattle

There seemed to be fewer cyclemotors, autocycles and cyclemotors at the VMCC Founder’s Day rally this year.  Here are the ones we found, starting in the autojumble:

1959 Phillips P40 PandaThe first two mopeds we saw were this 1959 Phillips P40 Panda and...

NSU Quickly... an NSU Quickly.

James CometThe remains of a James Comet or, more probably, the remains of two James Comets since the engine looks too early for the frame.

Honda DaxA Honda Dax in reasonably original (ie: not messed about with) condition.

Suzuki step-throughA Suzuki 80 priced at £325.

1941 James autocycleA War-time James autocycle (the registration dates from 1941) carrying a £900 price tag.

WelbikeA Welbike ... and it’s not one of the reproduction ones.

Raleigh RM8 Automatic MkIIOn a trailer around the back of the autojumble, was this Raleigh RM8.

Villiers 3KA Villiers 3K engine from a Norman Nippy.

Vincent FireflyThe engine is a Vincent Firefly and the bicycle is a Hercules Kestrel (with a Reynolds 531 frame).

Winged Wheel and SaxonetteA 1955 BSA Winged Wheel, a 1938-ish Saxonette and a Peugeot bicycle.

Gritzner SaxonetteThe Saxonette is the Gritzner version.


Itom engineAn Itom engine that's been sectioned.

Raleigh RM2 tankPetrol tank from a Raleigh RM2.

Coventry Eagle AutoetteThe front forks look like James and the front mudguard is from a re-styled New Hudson, but the rest of it is a Coventry-Eagle Autoette.

Puch Maxi SPuch Maxi S.

Trojan Mini-Motor£625 was being asked for this Trojan Mini-Motor on a Raleigh cycle.

Pete Stratford's standPete Stratford’s ‘Cyclemotor & Autocycle Spares’ stand.

Watsonian sidecarA good original Watsonian sidecar with all its correct fittings ... shame about the bike.

James autocycle tankJames autocycle tank.

1962 Mobylette AV791962 Mobylette AV79.

Busy BeeAway from the jumble to the club stands. The VMCC Cyclemotor Section had several cyclemotors on display, the most unusual being a Busy Bee...

Tailwind... and a Tailwind.

Cyc-Auto powered Corgi Cyc-Auto powered CorgiThis oddity was on the Scott owners club stand.  It’s a Corgi powered by a Scott Cyc-Auto engine.

Trojan Mini-MotorThis Trojan Mini-Motor was on the stand of the British Motorcycle Riders Club (Oxford).

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