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Utrecht Bromfietsbeurs with Zündapp Exhibition 25 May 2008

Photos by Ben Teuben

Some people said it was not that busy... ...but there were around 100 pitches and plenty of visitors Lots of Moby parts More Moby parts Batavus delivery moped Batavus Whippet Cyclemate Kreidler Mustang NSU Quickly Cavallino NSU Quickly TT

The Zündapp Exhibition

Zündapp GS (USA model - never sold in Europe) Zündapp KS50SS Zündapp KS50SS Rear view of Zündapp exhibition with ex-UK bikes A pair of Zündapp KS175s Zündapp KS80 Zündapp KS100 (the earliest KS100 - 514 model) Zündapp KS100 engine - a very wide barrel! Zündapp KS125 Special

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