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EACC Duloe Daffodil Dash

Sunday 21 March 2010

Photos by Luke Booth, Mark Daniels, Brian Hilton & Andrew Pattle

Story by Alex Lees

So named because the roads around this part of North Bedfordshire at this time of year are usually lined with daffodils.

Not this year though, the long winter months had taken their toll, not a daffodil to be seen, except Ralph's plastic ones.  They are out now, a week later, looking magnificent.  Their absence did not spoil our day, beautiful spring weather and with 34 signed on riders on a range of different machines, we were set for an excellent day.

Ralph arrived bright and early, portable stove at the ready and once we had ascertained the quality of the bacon the day began.

Danny arrived with his wares and appeared to be very busy.  Owen also seemed to be doing well with his selection.  My jumble and Ralph's didn't appear to arouse much interest although I managed to sell my Honda garden bike.

The bacon rolls, coffee and tea were flying away and when all expenses calculated we put approximately £30 into club funds.

We set off at about 11:15am for a 30 mile run which was most enjoyable and pub lunch at the Crown in Little Staughton.

I must at this point mention a regular rider, Keith Ashby.  Now Keith rides down from the North Norfolk coast to Cambridge the day before, stays with relatives overnight and continues on to Duloe the next day.  Well, anyone who was out on two wheels on the Saturday before when the rain was torrential and persistent nearly all day, is in my book a hero.  When I asked him about it he replied "I did notice my pockets kept filling with water".  In my reckoning that's a trip down of approximately 90 to 100 miles then the ride out, then the return trip.  Wow, what a weekend Keith - you are a hero and all this on a 1952 New Hudson!

On the return to the hall Ralph produced delicious home-made sponge cake to have with our tea; how very English - well done Ralph.

Two awards were made, a bottle of wine to Ef because despite many promises he actually turned up, nice to see you in the flesh Ef

Second award was to Dave Evans and Cobby for the best 'alternative route', in other words Cobby was following Dave who inevitably got lost!

I think I speak for all of us and say it was a great day out.

Duloe Village Hall

Ralph's daffodil looks over Alex's Norman Motom Puch Puch Monet Goyon Post Office Puch Honda & New Hudson Puch, Leopard & Mobylette Raleigh Wisp Bev has plenty to unload Honda PC50 A pair of Jameses A couple of visitors from the Rushden Club Another of the visiting 'big bikes' Puch Grand Prix

Inside the Hall

Carl's Lohmann on show in the hall The jumble in the hall Documents and spares for sale Waiting for bacon rolls Evans and Ef fight over the signing-on sheet Danny makes a sale

Back outside

Alex tries to sell a Honda Express Dave with his Puch Bown autocycle Getting ready to set off Getting ready to set off Getting ready to set off

Lunch stop at Little Staughton

Here came the early arrivals Honda Cub More bikes arriving at The Crown More bikes arriving at The Crown Bikes filling up the pub car park Danny photographs the daffodils... ...and this is that photograph Another arrival Itom cyclemotor Keith arrives on his New Hudson Raleigh RM9 Puch MS50D and Tomos Leopard & Piaggio New Hudson autocycle New Hudson autocycle More daffodils Bikes in the car park

Return to Duloe

Two Rudges - one with a Lohmann engine and one with an Itom The Itom and the Lohmann Paul gets a prize for bothering to turn up Evans and Cobby share the award for the best 'alternative' route

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