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Vehikel, Utrecht, 2 March 2012

Photos by Andrew Pattle

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Our first trip to the Netherlands in 2012 and we're off to Utrecht for the big Vehikel jumble.  This will be the last one held at the Veemarkt in Utrecht.  Veemarkt has been threatened with closure for quite a while now, but this time it's really going to happen.  The next Vehikel (on 3 June 2012) will be at a new location: Home Boxx..

Today we're at the first day od a three-day event.  We've turned up early in the morning (it doesn't open untill 14:00) to get some pictures while the stands are still being set up.

Lohmann Almost the first thing we see as we come through the door is this Lohmann - it's the Hispania version.

Berini A Berini trying to hide between two tables.

Bikes on trailer A trailer load of bikes turns up and goes into the hall.

Mini-Motor A Mini-Motor looking a little lost and abandoned.

Custom Puch Maxi This used to be a Puch Maxi; now the name on the tank says "El Disastro".

Custom Puch Maxi Another customised Puch Maxi ...

Custom Puch Maxi ... and another.  The Puch Maxi seems to be the favourite bike to customise - possibly the Dutch are running out of fan-coooled Puch mopeds to do up.

Gitan Cross A Gitan Cross  (This is an Italian Gitan—no connection to the French Gitane.)

Italjet The remains of an Italjet child's motor bike.

Kreidlers The first three in this line up are Kreidlers - the other two look like Zündapps from here.

Line of bikes Another line-up.  Two little Di Blasi folding mopeds start this line.

Line of bikes A pair of Mobylettes cling together for mutual protection.

Jeep, fire engine and car This event isn't just for bikes - you could buy a Jeep, or a fire engine ... or a pink thing.

Minarelli racer At the more exotic end of the 50cc spectrum is this Minarelli-powered racing machine.  It could be yours for just €5,750.00

Sparta This Sparta looks a bit sad with its flat tyres but, apart from that, it's in very good order.

Victoria Avanti The start line of an unfair race - even with the standard Dutch carburetter, the Victoria Avnti should win easily.

Mosquito, Solex and Vespa A mixed selection: a Mosquito cyclemotor, a VéloSoleX Flash shaft-drive moped and a Vespa scooter

Vesting This Vesting sports moped is powered by a Demm engine.

Stuff A wall made of stuff - all sorts of stuff.

Raleigh Wisp A Raleigh Wisp - well, what else would you expect a Frenchman to be selling at an event in the Netherlands?

NSU Fox Most of the machines in this little clump are NSU Foxes - the bike Vincent had a go at selling in the UK - but there's a DKW in there too.

Motosacoche The price on this Motosacoche was €8,950.00.  The label says it dates from 1906; we reckoned the engine number dated it to 1907.

MAW cyclemotor MAW cyclemotor

Cucciolo chainwheel A chainwheel for a Ducati Cucciolo will cost you €250.00; that may seem like a lot of money but, if you have a Cucciolo with the chainwheel missing (as they often are), you're going to need one.  (Cucciolo chainwheels aren't really lighter than air - we've turned the picture upside-down to make the price label easier to read.)

Cyclotracteur We're sure we've seen this Cyclotracteur at previous Vehikel jumbles.

That's a few pictures to be getting on with; we'll bring you some more in the next day or two.

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