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Moped and Motor Cycle Fair at Leek
23 March 2014

Photos by Jan Gardien

1919 Indian big twin 1919 Indian big twin 1919 Indian big twin

Raleigh MT31 Raleigh MT31 1931 Raleigh MT31 ohv 350

A view across the show A view across the show A view across the show in Leek sports hall

Tandem A tandem—make unknown

Zündapps Zündapp Combinettes

Simson Simson

Norton Some of the bigger bikes with a Norton at thr front

Sports mopeds Sports mopeds: the one on the stand at the back looks like a Gitane–Testi.  Next is a Moto Müller, an FBM and, at the front ...

Fiorelli ... a Fiorelli

Kaptein Fiets-o-matic Kaptein Fiets-o-matic: the Dutch version of the Mobylette BG44

A three-courde lunch for two A three-courde lunch for two

Derny Derny 1953 Derny

Lely invalid carriage Lely invalid carriage Lely invalid carriage Lely invalid carriage An Jlo-powered invalid carriage made by Gebr. van der Lely B.V. of Den Haag

Gilera 50 Gilera 50 It’s a Gilera 50, and it’s a thing of beauty, and that’s about all we know ...

Jawa 50 Jawa 50

Batavus autocycle Batavus autocycle A 1936 Batavus autocycle that looks very much like may of the German motofahrader of the same era ... because it’s based around the same Sachs running gear.

Zündapps Zündapps

Tomos Tomos Tomos mopeds

Sparta GF50 Sport Sparta GF50 Sport

Batavus Whippet Batavus Whippet—behind it: a Typhoon Primosport

Heinkel Tourist Heinkel Tourist Heinkel Tourist

Messerschmidt KR200 Messerschmidt KR200

March 2014

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