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Ruinerwold Oldtimerfestival

Saturday 20 August 2011

Pictures by Jan Gardien

An early start to the day

6:37 am

On the way to the rally

Jan's Zündapp Essential supplies Ready for the ride Riding to Ruinerwold Riding to Ruinerwold Riding to Ruinerwold

At the Oldtimerfestival

Ruinerwold Oldtimerfestival is an event for all types of old vehicles.  It takes place in the heart of the village where, at 8:00am, the main road is closed to traffic.  The vehicles are parked along the road in the morning, as they arrive.  The event also includes road runs for the participants.  At around 10:30am, the tractors leave for their run of about 20km.  The other vehicles have runs of about 40km and these take place between 11:30am and 4:00pm.

Honda SS50 Another Honda SS50 Stationary engine Stationary engine Preparing for the threshing demostration The threshing demostration Hanomag tractor driving the threshing drum Some of the tractors More tractors MAN tractor Lanz Bullbog Another Lanz Bulldog ... or something like one ... an Ursus C451.

The mopeds had their road run at 1:30pm

The moped road run

Back at the festival

Suzuki Berini M35 Sport in unrestored condition Whizzer Whizzer Whizzer engine Whizzer engine Another original unrestored machine - HMW Admiraal Dubbelzit Batavus TS49 DKW Sport Berini M21 Gilera Trial 50 5V

After the rally: Evening meal at Uffelte

Evening meal at Uffelte Evening meal at Uffelte Ready to go home

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