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EACC West Anglian Run
28 September 2008

Report by Alex Lees - Photos by Andrew Pattle, Brian Hilton, Mark Daniels and Neil Morley

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Went the Day Well

Ralph and I decided that, after many Eastern region runs throughout the year, we should try and persuade you all to come west!

We were not disappointed, 32 signed-on riders and glorious weather - the small hamlet of Duloe wondered "whatever is goin' on at the 'all".  Cars with trailers, vans, camper vans - we had them all, including Keith who rode his New Hudson down from Holt, North Norfolk.  Rumour has it, he set off the previous week!  Well done Keith.

We had an autojumble, which proved very popular, various pieces of junk - oops, sorry - very much sought after spares were being stashed away in the back of vehicles; "mustn't let the missus see it" was heard many times.

Probably the most sought after product was Ralph's bacon rolls, which kept him very busy in the morning and enabled us to donate the proceeds to the club funds, and then in the afternoon, tea and cake - homemade cakes made by Ralph, is there no limit to this mans talents?  Some people were heard to say "I am only here for the food".

The ride was 30 miles of the North Bedfordshire countryside, not spectacular: flat, very rural and, combined with the weather, very pleasant.

Some riders came from the opposite direction but all turned up at The Crown pub for delicious paninis and good ale, except one - guess who?  Dave Evans "I must have taken a wrong turn", "all of a sudden I was on my own" but, as always, he made it in the end.

All machines appeared to perform well, although my Norman (complete with highly polished flywheel) did sieze momentarily (too much welly) but was soon on its way again.

Altogether a very successful day, Ralph and I would like to thank all who attended our first, but certainly not the last, run in West Anglia.

List of riders :

Ron Riches - Mobylette

Lindsay Neil - Mobylette

Andrew Pattle - Mobylette

Tony Austin - Mobylette

Alan Bloys - Mobylette

Alan Course - Honda C70

Dave Evans - Puch MS50

Alan Crook - Puch GP

Bev Crook - Bown autocycle

John Tickle - Moby AV89

Steven Cobb - Phillips

Roger Coleman - Honda C110

Derek Langdon - Marflan/Trojan Recumbant

Joe Lee - Royal Enfield

Dave Jockel - NSU Quickly

Alex Lees - Norman 2F

Chris Saunders - Raleigh RM5

Ken Howard - Simpson S51

Neil Bowen - Yamaha SS50

Dave Arnott - Victoria Vicky

Barry Bartholomew - Raleigh RM6

Keith Ashby - New Hudson autocycle

Mick Cook - Magic Thing

Bill Simpson - Yamaha FS1E

Aaron Cook - Zip SP50

Terry Moore - P ?????

Remo Ruta - Honda PC50

Mark Daniels Mercury Mercette

Carole Coonie - Yamaha FS1E

Jim Stottard - Honda PF50

Neil Morrisey - Kerry Capitano

Brian Hilton - Raleigh RM9

Duloe Village Hall

A winter project A few mopeds outside the hall Victoria Vicky 117 Keith Ashby rode to the event Mercury Mercette A bit of contrejour photography from Danny The Yamaha section The Yamaha section Mercury Mercette Now there's a lot more mopeds outside the hall Now there's a lot more mopeds outside the hall Honda C110 David Evans looking cheerful Joe Lee's Enfield Owen set up his stall in the sunshine... ...while others chose to be inside Signing on Marflan/Trojan recumbent Marflan/Trojan recumbent Magic thing and scooters

Arriving at Little Staughton

Derek on his Trojan-powered recumbent Alex leads the pack Approaching the pub stop Carole and her followers The end of the peleton It's magic Arriving at The Crown The chasing group arrives Remo with a big grin Another arrival

Lunch stop - The Crown

Lined up in The Crown's car park Lined up in The Crown's car park Derek repairs his derailleur tension spring Alex distracts Cobby while Neil creeps up behind him with the pliers... Mercette in splendid isolation Danny's saddle springs Mobylette and RM9 Alex's Norman hiding its shiny flywheel Go-faster Mobylette The machines outside The Crown Simson S51 The machines outside The Crown Brian and Raleigh Ultramatic

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