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Barneveld Bromfietsbeurs, 10 May 2008

Photos by Ben Teuben

Outside the Markthal

09:00hrs - queueing to go in

And inside

A general view of the arena Now, where is that part I need? A contact set for a Her-cu-Motor? A Hurcu-what??? Zündapp & Kreidler bits Tinware Italian engines and covers V A Demm (€950.00) and a Batavus (€850.00) Sparta/JLO Piano (€2,000.00), Eijsink Record (€3,000.00) and Magneet Globemaster (€1,500.00) Magneet Globemaster Fizzy (the one on the right) - €675 Solex project 'Snorfiets' version, €275 Stands dedicated to Solex (LH) and NSU (RH) Arie Wagner (in grey T-shirt), nice chap, very helpful Hans, another regular trader

Outside again

Gazelle Sports and Casal K190

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