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21st Rando Cyclos at Sars Poteries, 3 June 2012

Photos by Dave Watson

Here are some pictures from Rando Cyclos at Sar Poteries in the Avesnois region on Northern France.  This event has been running for 21 years and attracts riders from many countries.
Dave Watson supplied the pictures, but we've made up the captions... so blame us for any mistakes, not Dave!

Trojan Mini-Motor Pictured on the campsite at Felleries before setting off for the Rando: David Stephensons's Rudge bicycle powered by a Trojan Mini-Motor ... with plastic bags to keep the rain out.

James autocycle Ian McGregor's James autocycle stripped for action (ie: with engine covers removed for the ride)

New Hudson New Hudson autocycle

BSA Winged Wheel BSA Winged Wheel in a Hercules Pullman cycle.

Raleigh Supermatic Raleigh RM5 Supermatic.

Tomos It says 'Raleigh' on the tank ... but it's a Tomos.

Cyclaid Carl makes final adjustments to his Cyclaid.

Drevon tandem Over to Sars Poteries and infront of the Salle des feˆtes is this Drevon tandem

Motobécane Z56C Motobécane Z56C in military colours

Motobécane Moby X7 Motobécane Moby X7s in a choice of colours

Motoconfort Mobylette A Motoconfort AU thiry-something

Red October D5 Belgian bicycle with a Russian Red October D5 engine.

Mobylette A Mobylette with a fine selection of after-market accessories.

Trojan Mini-Motor Trojan Mini-Motor on a (Dutch?) carrier bicycle

Peugeot Bima A sad collection of Peugeot Bimas in the jumble

DKW Hummel ...and this DKW Hummel moped doesn't look a lot happier.

Peugeot 102 This Peugeot 102 is a lot more presentable.

Chapuis Mosquito As you'd expect at a French event, this Mosquito engins is one of the Chapuis ones.

Piaggio Si Piaggio Si

Peugeot BB1TLS At the more desirable end of the jumble offerings is this Peugeot BB1TLS

Moto Guzzi Galletto Moto Guzzi Galletto

VéloSoleX It looks as if this VéloSoleX has been installed in a non-standard frame.

Batavus Bilonet 1956 Batavus Bilonet G50 with JLO 'Piano' engine.

Berini Corona Berini Corona

Bicimoto LEM Bicimoto LEM with a gear-driven rear wheel rim.

CyclemasterCyclemaster Cyclemaster in an HNG frame with suspension fork.  The correct rubber suspension belts for these forks are not available anymore - which is probably why this one has been locked rigid.

British cyclemotorists The British cyclemotoring contingent pose outside the Salle des fêtes.

Kreidler RS Elektronik Zündapp KS50 Watercooledx Kreidler RS Elektronik and Zündapp KS50 Watercooled

In front of the Salle des fêtes Bikes, riders and spectators in front of the Salle des fêtes

VéloSoleX Inside the hall this VéloSoleX awaits the unlucky winner of the raffle.

Behind the Salle des fêtes More bikes are parked behind the Salle des fêtes.

Bernadet Cabri Bernadet Cabri scooter

The half-way stop The half-way stop on the ride

Leaving the half-way stop Leaving the half-way stop The riders set off on the return journey

RAP Ster Back at Felleries camp site: a RAP Ster from 1960 (give or take a year).

June 2012

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