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The Boot and back

13 March 2016

Photos by Andrew Pattle

It’s been over two months since the last cyclemotor run so, rather than put up with the withdrawal symptoms, we’ve been to a Veteran-Cycle Club ride.  This is ‘The Boot and Back’ at Weston in Hertfordshire and the object is to cycle over the 4½-mile course as closely as possible to a target time—neither too quickly nor too slowly.

Boneshaker Transitional Boneshaker A James from the 1920s You wait ages for a Saxon twin-tube, then two come along at once CTC bell on one of the Saxons Stella—that’s the French Stella, not the English, or Belgian, or … Accelerating away from the start Next rider waits while the timekeepers compare notes Boot & back Cyclists—and a Crypto—loitering outside a pub Transitional Boneshaker Boot & back Lawson Bicyclette