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East Anglian Microcar Club Rally

Sunday 7 August 2011

Photos by Mark Daniels

The microcar rally was an all weekend affair but these pictures are just from Sunday - the day the EACC was invited to join in.

The mopeds

Honda Novio Mobylette Motobécane Seven Motobi Motograziella Three folding mopeds Motograziella Motobécane Moby X1 Motobécane Moby X7 Raleigh Wisp Clark Scamp Clark Scamp Raleigh Runabout Di Blasi Di Blasi Di Blasi Peugeot 103 Vogue Sachs MadAss Sachs MadAss Motom 60S The moped line-up

The microcars

Everest & Jennings Safari Bond Bond Bond Bond Bug Messerschmitt Messerschmitt Messerschmitt Isetta Isetta Reliant Reliant Scootacar Scootacar Two Isettas Nobel Two Scootacars Messerschmitt Autobianchi Messerschmitt Heinkel/Trojan Scootacar Messerschmitt Reliants Raleigh Safety Seven Raleigh Safety Seven

The jumble

Body parts for sale Bubble Jumble Bubble Jumble Bubble Jumble

and there were scooters too


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