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Devon Section Club Stand at Powderham
11 and 12 July 2009

Photos and Report by Roy Best

I nearly called this one "The Wet & Windy One 2" but decided the weather was not quite so bad as last year ... but bordering on being very close.  We started the weekend off on the Thursday with John Rowe and son Justin with Steve Hall and me to cut the grass ready for setting up on Friday.  Many new and old members offered their help in setting up the stand.  John's bright yellow Citroeuml;n H camper van took pride of place as club HQ with our marquee as the grub hut.  Friday evening came along: John, Steve and I left on our road run to Dawlish and back via Dawlish Warren with Justin on his push bike, amazingly, keeping up the pace.  Steve had a bit of a problem on his Quickly and that was probably down to too much oil in the petrol.  It meant a lot of pedalling for him on the way back; I gave him a break near the end and he disappeared on my Honda with a smile on his face.  Sadly James couldn't make the run as his jolly old Honda Acty van engine gave up the ghost on Thursday afternoon.  That left him unable to bring along all his bikes, so he road his Mobylette down on Friday - but that gave up on Friday afternoon.  Saturday came along and the bikes were set up with all the information sheets being sorted.  The show was opened, there was a slow start from the public but things livened up as time went on.  This was probably because the bad weather forecast for the day was putting them off.  Lucky the rain stayed off until late in the afternoon - then it never stopped until early in the morning.  Thankfully we had the marquee to see the evening out.  At about ten o'clock, all the bikes took our place in the marquee, with us getting very wet again as per last year.  John and Justin (our security men) had to tie everything down as things got worse near midnight, thank you to them both.

Sunday did not look promising as it was not a good start, but things improved and we had a good day talking to people about our bikes and passing out membership forms, hopefully we will see some new people for next year.  There was a tremendous response from everyone at the end of the show to take down the club stand and pack up ready for next year.  A passer-by was grabbed and everyone gave him their cameras to take a group photo to finish off the day.  Thankyou to you all for bringing along the food, refreshments, bikes (25) and enthusiasm for the week end.

Bikes on display: Francis Barnett Powerbike × 2, Cyclemaster × 2, Raleigh RM6, Garelli Euromoped, Mobylette AV41, Victoria Deluxe Vicky, Ambassador, New Hudson (swan neck), VéloSoleX 3800 and 3300, Moto Guzzi Trotter, Power Pak, Cyclaid, Cymota, Honda Novio, Mini Motor, Teagle, Berini cyclemotor, James autocycle, NSU Quickly S2/23, Honda Express, Mosquito, Motobecane X1L

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