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EACC Horham Bygones Run

Sunday 10 June 2012

Photos by Mark Daniels and Andrew Pattle

At the Community Centre

Norman Cyclemate Clark Scamp James Superlux NSU Quickly Peugeot scooter Peugeot scooter Raleigh Runabout Sachs MadAss New Hudson autocycle New Hudson autocycle James Comet James Comet Honda Express Mobylette Mobylette Hercules Corvette Excelsior Autobyk Clark Scamp & James autocycle Two Peugeots Runabout & MadAss Honda C90 Cyclemaster Piaggio Ciao

On the road

Ready to go Leaving the Community Centre Out on the road Paul riding the New Hudson Dave riding the Ciao Jim & Paul Danny passes Neil Dave Watson again Formation riding: Paul, Paul and Danny Arriving at Earl Soham Victoria

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