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Piston and Props at Sywell Aerodrome

28 & 29 September 2013

Photos and report by Ralph Richardson

September 28th and 29th saw the inaugural event of Piston and Props held at Sywell aerodrome near Northampton.  What has this to do with the EACC?. you ask/  Well, I was invited to demonstrate my 1934 250 four-valve Rudge racing bike alongside a varied assortment of 2- and 4-wheeled machines ranging from our vintage bikes through to Formula 1 racing cars from the 1950s to the 1990s.  Also, hot rods, dragsters, and sport cars, modern and classic.

Thinking this event would attract a wide audience, I took along my Rudge and Bown auto cycles to display, also an EACC banner and some info on membership.  Camped out in the demonstrators’ paddock, I duly arranged the autocycles and Rudge racer in a prominent position.

Surprisingly, I had a very positive response with the public and, hopefully, added a few to our club membership.  A Spitfire, a Mustang, wing walkers, and stunt planes also entertained during the weekend.  It looks very much as if this will become an annual event so I hope to set up a club stand next year.  Come the time, anyone interested in making a weekend which is well worth attending and bringing along mopeds, cyclemotors and autocycles would be most welcome.

I am now on the promoter’s mailing list so, as soon as dates are fixed, I will post on the website.  I can thoroughly recommend this event as there is so much variety of machines to be enjoyed.  Also as you will see from the photos Elle and the Pocket Belles were stunning in both their style and singing!  See the following photos of a sample of machines at the event.

Rudge and Bown with 250 racer Classic 50 Racing Club Elle and the Pocket Belles Classic Ferrari Formula 1 from the 1990s Supercharged MG Austin 7 Ulster Elle and the Pocket Belles Improptu Club Stand

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