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The EACC 1st Reservoir Dogs Run

3 June 2012

Photos by Mark Daniels & Andrew Pattle

EACC runs in Essex seem to be fated to suffer from bad weather and the first Reservoir Dogs Run from the Bungalow Café in Marks Tey was no exception.  The rain may not have been heavy, but it was persistent.  Nevertheless, there's always a hardy few who'll turn up whatever the weather so eight riders rode to The Fox at Layer de la Haye.  The run went through some superb scenery but the dismal weather made it difficult to appreciate - let's hope it's finer next year.

At The Bungalow Café

Bown 50 NSU Quickly Honda C100 Honda C100 James Superlux Peugeot BB1T and Mobylette Seven Suzuki Address Raleigh Supermatic

Outward Journey

NSU Quickly Passing some Essex barns Flags were out for the Jubilee Suzuki Address Bown 50 Crossing a main road Raleigh RM5 Weaving through standing water

Return Journey

Leaving The Fox Raleigh RM5 Bown 50 Bown 50 Peugeot and Bown Under the railway Mobylette Seven End of the Run

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