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NACC 6th York Run - The Derwent Valley Venture

13 September 1992

Photos by Rufus Cant

Rufus Cant has sent us these pictures that he recently discovered.  He wasn't quite sure what the event was but knew it was an early NACC York Run.  By enlarging the pictures to to examine the tax discs, we've narrowed it down to the 1992 York Run.  This was the 6th York Run, subtitled the ‘Derwent Valley Venture’, and the last York Run organised by Derek Rayner.  The pictures are of the early arrivals at the start point: Murton Farm Museum.

1957 Re-styled New Hudson autocycle A Sunward Bike Booster on a Humber bicycle Excelsior Autobyk War-time James autocycle David Casper's Britax Cucciolo A close-up of the Cucciolo Another bike from the Casper stable: a Nassetti

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