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20th Rando Cyclos at Sars Poteries, 5 June 2011

Photos by Dave Watson

Here are some pictures from Rando Cyclos at Sar Poteries in the Avesnois region on Northern France.  This event has been running for 20 years and attracts riders from many countries.
Dave Watson supplied the pictures, but we've made up the captions... so blame us for any mistakes, not Dave!

The Rando takes place on Sunday, but many participants make a weekend of it, so our first picture is from...

Friday evening

Honda Gyro Honda Gyro on the campsite at Felleries

Saturday evening

Berini Corona A look at some of the Berini mopeds on the camp site, starting with this Corona.

Berini M21 This is a Berini M21 single-speed moped

Berini M13 Berini M13 cyclemotor


Philippa Wheeler and Vincent Firefly In the morning, entrants gather in the town square of Sar Poteries.  Here's Philippa Wheeler with her Vincent Firefly.

Mobylette There's a small jumble there too.  A Mobylette en son jus.

Jlo FM48 An Jlo FM48 cyclemotor.

Drevon tandem This Drevon tandem is powered by a Sachs 98cc engine; its a purfose-built bmachine with the frame top tube acting as the fuel tank.

MAW cyclemotor RHC-Nederland had a stand, displaying a MAW cyclemotor.

DKW Hilfsmotor One of the older machines at the event: a DKW Hilfsmotor from the 1920s.

MAW cyclemotor Another one of those East German MAW cyclemotors.

Royal Nord Grande Tourisme 4V Royal Nord Grande Tourisme 4V.

Solex Micron and Ténor Two Solexes: a Micron on the trailer and a Ténor towing it.

Jlo FM48 Another look at the Jlo FM48 cyclemotor.

Mystery cyclemotor A mystery cyclemotor.

VéloSoleX 2200 and 3800 Two more conventional VéloSoleXes: the nearer one is a 2200 and the other a 3800.

Flandria Ultra Sport Flandria Ultra Sport

VAP-powered moped We're not sure what make this moped is, but we can tell you that it has aa ABG VAP-4/DT engine..

Flandria Rally - times two A matching pair of Flandria Rally mopeds.

Raleigh Wisps From left to right: Raleigh Wisp, Raleigh Wisp, Raleigh Wisp and Raleigh Wisp.

Le Poulain powered moped This le Poulain powered VBF moped was the raffle prize.  It dates from 1952 or 1953 and was made in St Etienne.  Bernard, who won it, is planning to have it restored in time to do next year's Rando Cyclos

DKW Hummel DKW Hummel.

Participants in Fancy dress To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Rando, the organisers suggested that entrants could come in Fanct dress - these participants entered into the spirit of the occasion.

Peter Lawson and Flandria Peter Lawson with his Flandria.

Eysink Records Two different versions of the Eysink Record.

James Superlux James Superlux autocycle.

Birthday cake And no 20th anniversary would be complete without a cake.

June 2011

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