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EACC weekend at the Horham Bygones Rally

Saturday 13 June 2009

Photos by Carl Harper, Neil Morley & Andrew Pattle

The club stand at the rally

Setting up the stand Setting up the stand Discussing the lack of gears on a Puch The line up of bikes on the club stand A busy time on the stand Mick catches up with world affairs Raleigh cross-frame Berini and Cyclaid Cyclotracteur Mobylette and Norman Bown motor cycle HEC, Raleigh, Victoria and Rudge Richard carefully selects a sprocket from the jumble... ...while Neil tries a less precise method Mini-Motor repairs while you wait

The Saturday evening run

Carl leads the way on the run Next is Luke on the Levis Riding past Horham church Tony rides his Mobylette Luke heading back towards Horham Keith on his Mini-Motor

The evening barbecue

Waiting for the barbecue to calm down More of the EACC encampment Dave and Ralph start cooking Dave contemplates the Lohmann Cooking under way Carl and Tony discuss food poisoning

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