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Enkenbach-Alsenborn moped meeting

23 to 25 July 2010

Photos & text by Ben Teuben

I travelled on 25 July to Enkenbach-Alsenborn (Germany, Kaiserslautern area) for the 21st edition of a "moped meeting".  Obviously prominently present were the "Big Guns" (6.25 hp and over) as earlier German legislation allowed sixteeners to run these Kleinkraftrad bikes, limited only to the 50cc rule.  The industry responded with adequate port-timing, big bore carbs, 1:11 compression, high rpm, narrow power bands and five to six gears in your box.  Noise levels were somewhat abated by introducing (Zündapp, 1973) water-cooled engines, but accident levels and spiralling insurance rates silenced the Guns and led to a shortlived 80cc class with restrictions in the early eighties.  Most specimens were there, but it was good to see how our German friends showed the origins of these Big Gun bikes as well.

Traders' stallsPassing the traders' stalls on the way to the main showground.

Showground with fireAt the showground there was a good fire going (for drying your anorak!)

Kreidler and HerculesA Kreidler Mustang and a Hercules.

Achilles CapriAchilles Capri with a Zündapp Combimot engine.  The Capri will be more familiar to our UK readers as the frame used for the Norman Nippy.

Achilles Capri engineThe Zündapp Combimot engine in the Achilles Capri.

Kreidler Amazone IITwo Kreidlers: in front, an Amazone II (K52 2-3) and, behind it, a Roller.

Kreidler RollerThe same two machines, giving a better view of the Kreidler Roller.

Zündapp WatercooledTwo Zündapps: a Watercooled and a GTS50.

Zündapp Watercooled engineClose-up of the engine in the Zündapp Watercooled.

Zündapp Super Combinette 429Two more Zündapps.  These are Super Combinettes: a 429 and a 433.

Hercules RX-9Here's one of the 80cc machines; this is a Hercules RX-9 dating from 1983.

Zündapp KS80 Watercooled... and here's another.  This one is a Zündapp KS80 Watercooled.

Zündapp KS80 Watercooled engineThe engine of the Zündapp KS80 Watercooled.  The tooling for these was sold to China.

KreidlerA Kreidler - note the large number plate ... this is a rocket!

ZündappThis 1970 Zündapp Type 517-21 has the smaller type of number plate: it's not so much of rocket ... unless you tune it.

cyclemotorA cyclemotor of unknown make.  the outside flywheel, horseshoe magneto and fixed-head engine all point to it being a pre-war machine.

Presentation of prizes"We have a winner!"  The presentation of the prizes.

Hercules K50RLHercules K50RL with a leading-link Earles fork.  Hercules used leading-link suspension on a wide range of bikes during the 1950s, 60s and 70s.

Presentation of prizesMore winners as the presentation of prizes continues.

Simson Sperber and SchwalbeTwo Simsons: the blue one is a Sperber SR-4 and the pink one is a Schwalbe KR51.

Hercules Ultra II LCHercules Ultra II LC.

Hercules twin disc brakesThe front wheel of the Hercules Ultra II LC.  The twin discs were an optional extra on these.

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