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NACC York Run

11 September 1988

Photos and text by Andrew Pattle

Some more pictures from our archives, along with the original run report that was published in the October 1988 edition of Buzzing.

This year's NACC events have been blessed with good weather and the York Run on 11th September was no exception.  There were 20 eligible machines assembled at the start in the grounds of the Yorkshire Museum of Farming at Murton, just outsode York.

All entrants had a voting slip for the judging, which took place before the start of the run.  The machines set off on the run at 11 o'clock.  My own start was delayed because I broke the nipple off the engine engagement cable when I was starting the Firefly.  A few turns on the adjusting screw had the engine permanently engaged, so I was able to continue after a short delay.

The riders set a cracking pace, assisted by a following wind, so it was several miles before I caught up with David Butler and Steve Peet on their VéloSoleXes.  I was accompanied by Simon Farrier on his 25cc Cyclemaster along the route.  Simon took charge of the navigation after I missed the turning in Stamford Bridge.  The lunch stop was at Pocklington where a room was reserved for us at the Feathers Hotel and a steak and kidney pie lunch was laid on.  While we were in Pocklington, several entrants took the opportunity of visiting Penny Arcadia, a museum of amusement machines.

Having been assisted by the wind on the way out, I was expecting the return journey to be more of a struggle, but the wind must have dropped an the return trip was as easy as the outward one.

On our return to the Museum, the awards were presented.  The winners were:

Best autocycle Julia Shemlit New Hudson
Best cyclemotor Peter Lister Cyclemaster
Best moped Norman Jewers Raleigh RM6

Alex Mutimer from Wymondham had ridden his Raleigh RM6 Runabout all the way to the event from his home in Norfolk, a distance of 230 miles, raising about £150 for his local school.  IWF Ltd, who market Silkolene oils, had supported Alex in this run and had donated some items, which were rafled after the run.  Alex also redeived sponsorship from the Kenneth Bills Rochester Motor Cycle Museum.

Summing up, the York Run was a most enjoyable bay out; the run was particularly well suited to cyclemotors, very little LPA being needed, and the whole event was ably organised by Derek Rayner.  I think everyone who took part will be looking forward to next year's run.

A reference to "eligible machines" in the report means autocycles, cyclemotors and mopeds over 25 years old.  Riders of other categories of machines were welcomed on the run but only the "eligible" machine could win one of the awards.

Now the photos: a few of these have been published before, others are appearing for the first time.

Mini-Motor Raleigh Runabout Pre-war James autocycle 32cc Cyclemaster Mini-Motor Britax Cucciolo David Butler finishes the ride on his VéloSoleX Fellow VéloSoleX rider Steve Peet Palco-equipped Vincent Firefly Motamite Cyclemaster David Stevenson's Bown Auto Roadster New Hudson Berini James Superlux and Raleigh Wisp

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