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Bromfietsbeurs Heerhugowaard 14 April 20132

Photos by Andrew Pattle

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The moped-jumble at Heerhugowaard is one we try to go to whenever we can; here are our pictures from the April 2013 event.

Jumble entrance The entrance to the Sports Hall where the jumble is held

Pegaso A Pegaso four-stroke moped adorned the stand of Brofiets magazine.

Batavus Whppet G50 Batavus Whppett G50.

Demm Dick-Dick The Demm Dick-Dick is another 4-stroke and the usually have 4-figure prices; this one was somewhat cheaper at €775, probably because it's the 'Turismo' version rather than the more popular Sortd type.

50cc racer This one wasn't for sale; it's the bike Hans uses at the weekend.

Benelli A Benelli of some sort ... a Super Sprint?

Mobylette Fiets-o-matic Kaptein Fiets-o-matic (the Mobylette, not the scooter), which is the Dutch version of the rollet-drive Mobylette. There were seversl Fiets-o-matics for sale at this jumble.

Vesting The first of this selection of sports mopeds is a Vesting, then a Garelli, a Motobi, a Ducati...

Ducati's the Ducati again, then another Garelli.

Italjet Further down the line was an Italjet Sport, and then...

Oscar Oscar.

Mosquito There were many Mosquitos at this jumble, both complete machines and engine units.  This one was being offered for sale at €750.

Bianchi Aquilotto Another Italian roller-drive: a Bianchi Aquilotto for €795.

Mosquito More Mosquitos, this one was €750 too...

Mosquito ...while this one was €875.

Benelli This time we're more sure that this Benelli is a Super Sprint.  Behind it is...

Benelli ...another Benelli.

Puch Maxi Shiny Puch Maxi.

GerosaGerosa One for the carrier moped fans: a Gerosa.  While Gerosa mopeds were sold in the Netherland, where they were marketed under the name The Fox, this one is an Italian model.

Torpado €850 would make you the new owner of this Torpado S48A.

Giulietta Under the blue paint, this is a Giulietta.  €750 was the asking price.

Mosquito Back to Mosquitos - this one was priced an €400.

Mosquito Alternatively, you could build your own Mosquito - most of the parts you'll need are here.

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April 2013

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