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EACC Kneel's Wheels Run

Sunday 15 November 2009

Photos by Paul Daniels & Andrew Pattle

At Coddenham

Mopeds outside Coddenham Community Centre Neil Bowen unloads his van Neil Bowen with his Excelsior Autobyk Mick Cook refuels his Italjet Lindsay Niell's van with moped inside James and Excelsior autocycles Honda PF50MR2 and Puch Maxi Mopeds being unloaded and prepared for the run Solo, RM11 and Gilera Members of the West Anglian Group NSU Quickly and Mobylette Peter and Paul EACC members doing what they're best at: standing about Mark Gibb with a Kymco Nexxon 50 A Solo and a Gilera More Mobylettes Raleigh RM11 Super Tourist Quadricycle Marcel Mizon rides his Corgi New Hudson autocycle Luke Booth riding a quadricycle

The start of the run

Rudge autocycle on the road Norman autocycle and Raleigh RM9 on the road Gilera and New Hudson on the road Norman Lido and New Hudson on the road Solo, Gadabout and New Hudson on the road Excelsior G2 and NSU Quickly on the road NSU and New Hudson on the road Kymco and New Hudson on the road New Hudaon autocycle on the road New Hudaon autocycle and Motom on the road Mobylette AV92

At Grundisburgh

Eating lunch at Grundisburgh Norman autocycle Excelsior autocycle Kymco at Grundisburgh Mopeds scattered around the pub forecourt Mark Daniels and Keith Lock Grundisburgh Dog Two James autocycles Post Office Puch Bikes outside Grundisburgh Dog Bikes and riders outside Grundisburgh Dog

Back to Base

NSU Quickly Mobylette 40T Honda Puch Norman Garelli Como and Raleigh RM9 Motom 60S Excelsior Cream teas Cream teas


EACC members at the AGM EACC committee at the AGM

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