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Peninsularis Run

5 July 2009

Photos by Neil Morley, Val Neville & Andrew Pattle

Gathering at Bucklesham Village Hall

Early arrivals get first pick at the jumble The car park starts to fill up Have you got a repair kit for a broken foot? Paul explains things to Lawrence and Carl Raleigh Ultramatic Tony adjusts his saddle Multitasking: drinking tea and buying spares Tigerman sets up shop Sun Hornet Keith prepares the New Hudson Honda SS50 A discussion over the Mini Maxi... ...and here's the Mini Maxi Coventry-Eagle carrier autocycle A Mobylette for £100 Bown autocycle The outdoor jumble The numbers start to build up It's getting busier inside too What's in the box? Paul and Carl rehearse their new dance routine Getting ready to go

Setting off

Martin leads the way Kerry Capitano Solo and Chappy Chappy and ... insect New Hudson Mobylette Tony on his Mobylette A Mercury, Mobylette and Maxi mix Here comes the RAF Evans on the Zündapp


The voiture balai catches up with Evans

Entering Waldringfield

Kerry Capitano Air brakes Garelli and others Bown autocycle Solo Nick on his Mobylette A wave for the camera

At the Maybush

Nick relaxes after the ride A modified Honda Cub Lunch beside the river Honda SS50 Maxi, Mobylette, Mercette Lunch beside the river Honda PC50

Return to Bucklesham

The advance guard New Hudson Suzuki and Honda SS50 Squeezing the last ounce of speed from the Solo Cornering the Super Tourist ... on a straight road? Anya rides her Puch Maxi Carl on the RAF Comet AV thirty-something

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