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Cyclaid Rally Report - Clyde 2008

Article by Geoffrey Clark

Friday 7th of March saw a lot of activity in Clyde with the entrants to the rally arriving at Dunstan House.  Registration was busy.  Unpacking of cycles from the various means of transport and, of course, the Cyclaids needed constant testing around the township.

The 'Buy & Sell' tables, the mystery engine tables and the attendee's package kept everyone busy.  A number of Cyclaid and cyclemotor tests were produced when everyone was together and these kept everyone busy and helped increase the fellowship.  Our round table discussions on the two mornings were well attended and a lot of good information came forward and everyone learnt.  There was a lot of literature available for people to look at together with other examples of interest.

It was a great thrill that we were able to have Andrew Pattle of the East Anglian Cyclemotor Club open our conference and the conference phone worked well and everyone could hear what Andrew had to say.

The morning of Saturday 8th March saw everyone present in front of Dunstan House with their Cyclaids for a group picture (which will be distributed later on) and then once again, of course, the endless testing around Clyde.  I am quite sure that the Clyde residents became well used to the sight of Cyclaids going past.

The start of our rally proper saw us go down the hill and across the Clyde bridge, turn right and climb above the Clyde dam to a picnic spot alongside Lake Dunstan.  This was very picturesque and we were very well catered for by Lindsay and Lesley-Anne Wilkie.  From there to the entrance to the Clyde dam, where we were able to leave our cycles inside the locked gate and travel by lift down into the powerhouse and receive a guided tour of the powerhouse and the special features of the dam.

The ride across the dam was one of the rally highlights which were videoed and this was led by Doug Boyd, 84 years old, from Invercargill riding his Wensley-Boyd cycle.  From there back into town and then a ride out to the Clyde hospital at Muttontown and back via various routes to Dunstan House.  The rest of the day was spent with more testing of Cyclaids around Clyde.

After our technical session on Sunday 9th March, we all assembled for our ride through to Alexandra via the historic winery and via the Rail Trail and over the Muttontown viaduct through to Alexandra and to lunch after crossing the Shaky Bridge.  Then the long run from Alexandra to Lindsay Wilkie's place at Clyde.  This run I especially enjoyed, it took at least half and hour and I spent 80% of the time chasing my wife Brenda on her extremely fast Cyclaid mounted on a 26 inch Pashley Princess cycle.  Why it goes so well I am not so sure except I have got to tell you it is very quick.

After the long run we arrived at Lindsay Wilkie's.  Unfortunately the wind had got up to severe strength and it was decided not to have the time trials, etc, and hold those over for the next rally.  It was great fellowship at Lindsay and Lesley-Anne Wilkie's residence where we had a beautiful BBQ and prize-giving.  A lot of time was spent inspecting the amazing array of items of interest in Lindsay's shed.

The prize for the best presented Cyclaid cycle went to Mark Cooper and the second prize went to his father, David Cooper.  The cyclemotoring prize as a result of the tests went to Kelven Martin.  All other attendees received prizes for various awards.

We need to come up with a name for the original attendees.  Let your imagination run wild and .  Examples could be "The Originals", "The 21 Cyclaid Disciples", "The Cyclemotoring Cyclaidists", and "The Cyclaidists".  I am sure that you can come up with something better than that.  A badge will be produced which can be worn at future functions to recognize those who attended the original and first only-Cyclaid rally in the world.

I would like to take this opportunity of offering a very sincere thanks to all the rally attendees and especially the pit crews, "wives", as without their support there is no rally.  A special thanks to Lindsay and Lesley-Anne Wilkie for all their local input and the BBQ meal and the kind hospitality at their residence.  A big thank you to Doug Willis, Kelven Martin and Neville King for their mystery engines and display of cyclemotors.

In summary, the first-ever Cyclaid rally held at Clyde in 2008 will be remembered for:

Good attendance,

Good fellowship, and

Good performance of the Cyclaid engines.

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