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This page is all about where to get information about Cyclemotors, Autocycles and Mopeds whether it be general or specific.  Everything: books on the subject, workshop and other manuals, who to ask for advice…

Information Library

If you’ve read the articles on this Website, you may have noticed that a good deal of research has to be done to find out the history of the machines we write about.  Fortunately, we don’t have to go far to get that information[1].  Most of the team have been interested in Cyclemotors, Autocycles and Mopeds for many years and, as a result, have accumulated rather a lot of information on the subject.

We’ve decided that we shouldn’t be keeping all this information to ourselves, it should be available to anyone who needs it, which is why we set up … The On-Line Library

In most cases, delving into the on-line library will provide the information you’re looking for.  However, there’s still a lot of other stuff we have that hasn’t made its way on-line yet.  The complete list of everything we have catalogued is available on our downloads page.  If there's something on the list that you want, get in touch with the us by e-mailing

But that’s not all we have—there’s a whole load of other information we have access to.  If you have any questions to do with Cyclemotors, Autocycles or Mopeds, ask us and we’ll try our best to answer them.  If you need to know the ignition timing for a Dunkley Whippet—or if you’ve bought a strange moped on eBay and want to know what it is, then just ask.  The address is the same: .

[1] Well, sometimes we do have to look further.  For example: some of the documentation for the Raleigh Rackabout article took some tracking down


Books on cyclemotors, autocycles, and mopeds are fairly thin on the ground in the UK; we have written a page that tells you about some of the ones that we know of.

We’ve divided the list into Period Books: books that were written in the same period as the machines they describe, and Modern Books: books that have been written a long while after the machines they describe were new.  Period books will be hard to find but will turn up at second-hand book shops, jumbles, and the usual on-line sellers.  SOme of the Modern Books should be readily available, but others may need searching for.  Seval on our list have gone out of print since we first listed them.  Outside the UK, there are more books about cyclemotors, autocycles, and mopeds, as long as you can cope with reading in a foreign language.  Particularly in France, these books can have short print runs so our advice would be to buy it as soon as you can if you find one that interests you.


Lots of people in this hobby form attachments to a particular make or type of machine and learn quite a lot about them.  If you’re one of these people, how about sharing your knowledge with other people who are interested in the same thing?  Not only will you help someone else, you might also gain more information about your favourite make.  If you’d like to become an ‘IceniCAM Adviser’, then just let us know and we’ll add you to the list.  Send us an e-mail at telling us what your subject is and what contact details you’d like to be listed here.  And if someone else is already listed for your favourite make, that doesn’t matter, we can have more that one person per subject.


Mark Daniels:

Brockhouse Corgi

Ned Newitt:

BSA Ariel 3

The BSA Ariel 3 register | is a website where some useful information can be found for the humble BSA Ariel 3 moped.  The three wheeled ‘trike of terror’ is normally found in lofts…

BSA Beaver & Brigand

Mark Crowder:


Peter Smith:


David Butler:

Ducati Cucciolo

John Lievesley, an incorrigible Cucciolo enthusiast and retired C.Eng, F.I.Mech.E, is happy to compare notes with fellow sufferers. 


‘The Grey Streak’:

Elswick Hopper

Mark Daniels:


Mark Daniels:

The Hercules Corvette forum is at and it can be used to discuss all things Hercules—not just Corvettes.


Andrew Pattle is not only interested in James autocycles, but the pedal cycles too. 


Henk van Kessel is the expert on Kaptein (the Dutch version of the Mobylette and can be contacted via the Dutch Mobykette Forum website.


Mike Bagshall:

Manurhin scooters and DKW Hobby scooters

There’s a interest group for the growing number of enthusiasts interested in Manurhin scooters and DKW Hobby scooters.  Whether you are an owner, rider, enthusiast or simply curious about old French and German scooters, they would be delighted to have you join their group.  Please visit them at


‘The Grey Streak’:

Mobylette (Motobécane/Motoconfort/MBK)

‘Rebel Moby’:

There’s also a UK Mobylette discussion group at


Martin Gates:


Martin Gates:


Brian Colter: or visit Brian’s Solex website.

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