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Ipswich Transport Museum

Ipswich Transport Museum Cycles Day

May 30th, 2016

Photos by Andrew Pattle and Debbie Mann

Ipswich Transport Museum had its first cycle event on this Bank Holiday Monday; it was aimed at pedal cycles, mopeds, autocycles and cyclemotors.  In addition to the Museum’s usual display of cycles and motor cycles, there were three extra indoor areas for the extra bikes that were there for the day, plus a load more outside.  There was also a small cycle jumble area.  Not only were there several very rare (some unique) machines to see, but also the chance to see some of them in action.  The Museum has four Sinclair C5s and vistors were encouraged to try them out.

Steve instructs Jason on the theory of penny riding Pre-war (First world War that is) tricycle for sale c1928 James tricycle The Museum’s fleet of C5s Royal Enfield bicycle James Sports Ace bicycle Two more James tricycles— from 1933 & 1947 Clark Scamp and James Carrier autocycle Russ bicycle & a trade bike Lohmann Early ‘Safety’ bicycle Crypto Bantam The Needham Tricycle Geared Facile Boneshaker 56-inch Ordinary The display area for the oldest ‘visiting’ cycles The first victim of ‘ordeal by C5’ Anyone for tennis? Another display of ‘visiting’ cycles The third display of ‘visiting’ cycles The third display of ‘visiting’ cycles The cyclejumble area Wayne becomes a ‘scorcher’ Some more mopeds arrive More takers for trying a C5 Jason takes his first flight on an Ordinary Jason and Alan try the Needham Tricycle Andrew and Michael try the Needham Tricycle