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Festival of 1,000 bikes, 2011

Photos by Dave Watson

Roving photographer, Dave Watson,.has been out and about again.  This time he's brought us some pictures of the smaller machines at Mallory Park for the Festival of 1,000 bikes.

Cyclemaster for sale Cyclemaster for sale

xxx The Twins: two Raleigh Runabouts with consecutive registrations.  One is restored, the other left original

Mobylette AV78 Mobylette AV78

Motom Motom

xxx Mark's Hondariel: an Ariel Three fitted with a Honda engine.

James Superlux autocycle James Superlux autocycle

Hondariel The Hondariel again

Going onto the track

Ducati Cucciolo Power Pak Father & son team: Alan Hummerstone on a Ducati Cucciolo and Robert Hummerstone riding a Power Pak

Hondariel The dreaded Honda-powered Ariel

James autocycle James autocycle

Motom Motom

Mobylette Mobylette

Out on the track

Mobylette on the track Mobylette on the track The Mobylette goes past in a blur of speed

Mark's Hondariel Mark's Hondariel

Motom Motom

After the track laps

Hondariel and PC50 Mark had his PC50 there too.

FB Mondial Super Sportivo FB Mondial Super Sportivo

Honda Dream 50 Honda Dream 50

xxx All this ... and a trade bike too

Bikes packed up for the night Bikes packed up for the night All tucked up for the night on the NACC stand.

July 2011

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