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NACC East Coast Pedallers display at Norfolk Gala

11 September 2011

Photos by Carl Harper

Piaggio Ciao, Mobylette and PC50 Motobi, Phillips Panda Plus and Post Office bicycle Dax, Puch Grand Prix and Honda Alkro, Raleigh RM1 and GYS Cyclemaster, Clark Scamp and Raleigh Wisp Yamaha and Mobylette A collection of East Coast Pedallers Mobylette, Raleigh Wisp and VéloSoleX

The Raleigh Wisp in the last picture above is fitted with a 'chopper' style seat and also had an explanatory placard.
Raleigh Wisp Raleigh Wisp notice
The film Morgan: a suitable case for treatment (US title: Morgan!) was made by Quintra-Lion and went on general release in the UK on May 16, 1966.  Filming would, of course, taken place quite a while before that.  The Raleigh Wisp was first produced in April 1967 - a year or more too late to be in the film.  There is a motor cycle in the film.  It's not easy to identify it from the still below ... but it's nothing like a Wisp.
Still from Morgan: a suitable case for treatment
However, there's still the mystery of how the story became attached to this Wisp.  Maybe it was used in a stage production?  A Raleigh Wisp with a chopper seat would be most suitable for this considering the rider would be wearing a Gorilla suit.

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