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EACC Mince Pie Run

Sunday 3 January 2010

Photos by Andrew Pattle

At Orwell Yacht Club

Lining up in the snow More of the line-up Mosquito - one of a couple of cyclmotors on the run Thinking about starting the run There were a coupe of microcars too Helmet on - ready to go

The start of the run

Starting on ice with no centre stand ... first get off the ice... ...then pedal start as normal Chris does the same - even though his autocycle has a stand! No problems starting on a moped Guy's Mosquito needs a pedal start too Time to unleash the mopeds... ...and more mopeds... ...then the other cyclemotor the back of the Peloton Messerscmidt chasing a Maxi Martin escorts the Scootacar John rode to the run through snow - don't tell him he's heading for a hail storm Last one away

Arriving at Shotley

A spectator waits... ...for Evans to lead the way in More arrivals The cyclemotor has kept up with the pack Another batch arrives That's not snow on the ground - it's hail stones Ben on the Zündapp A shiny Puch MS50 That's not snow on the ground - it's hail stones Hi-Viz Carl NSU Quickly Ideal weather to have the roof down Scootacar

At The Shipwreck

Parked up in the usual spot Bikes and boats Norman in the corner - hiding its flywheel Mopeds huddled under the balcony Purpose-built cyclemotor stand The Coasters arrive Lambretta and sidecar As the rest of The Coasters arrive... ...we leave

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