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Vehikel, Utrecht

5 March 2010

Photos by Andrew Pattle

For various reasons, it's been a year since we had an IceniCAM 'staff outing' to The Netherlands.  That was to the Vehikel jumble in Utrecht in March 2009 - now we're going back to the same event a year later.  Agian, we went on the Friday of this three-day event, because we had to be back other events on Sunday.  On Friday, the jumble opens at 2:00pm but, having crossed to The Netherlands on the overnight ferry, we arrived somewhat earlier...

Before the doors open - first hall

Flottweg motorised bicycle Flottweg motorised bicycle MAW cyclemotor Gazelle carrier moped Magnat-Debon bicycle Pedal cycle stall Mini-Motor on carrier cycle Mosquito cyclemotor Le Poulain cyclemotor An Alcyon and a Motobécane An Alcyon and a Motobécane Motobécane vélomoteur Demm Dick-Dick SIC-DKW Engines for sale Ducati Cucciolo Lohmann cyclemotor Bergseiger moped Cyclotracteur

There's a second hall of stuff to look at next...

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