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Radar Run
5 April 2009

Photos by Mark Daniels, Mark Gibb, & Andrew Pattle

The start at Bromeswell

Gathering at Bromeswell Village Hall Two Cubs at Bromeswell Village Hall Two Cubs at Bromeswell Village Hall Gathering at Bromeswell Village Hall A varied line-up of machines Looking through the jumble Carburetter hunting Bikes for sale It's busy inside the hall A cup of tea and plenty of jumble Puch parts Stacks of spares RM2 Bown motor cycle

Leaving Bromeswell

First ones away Blue bikes: Capitano, Bravo & Novio Mini-Motor leads a clump of mopeds A Quickly in front Lynx and Solo Another batch joins the main road Keith chasing Luke

At Shingle Street

The ride pauses at Shingle Street

The road to Ramsholt

Lohmann poses by a pill box Kerry Capitano Garelli and Mobylette going into the corner... ...and out the other side Carole and Fizzy Honda Novio Flandria More bikes approaching Honda Cub NSU Quockly Marcel on the Corgi Even more bikes approaching Alex waves to the camera... ...while Chris salutes

Lunch stop: the Ramsholt Arms

Bikes and boats AV89 Honda Novio Francis-Barnett Bikes at Ramsholt Bikes at Ramsholt The obligatory ‘cyclemotor and anchor’ picture View across the river Orange mopeds of the world unite... At Ramsholt The Ramsholt Arms James autocycle Bikes lined up along the pub wall

At Bawdsey

Ciao at Bawdsey At Bawdsey

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