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Vehikel, Utrecht, 2 March 2012

Photos by Andrew Pattle

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Peugeot BB Sport A Peugeot BB Sport and, behind it, a Mobylette.

Three sports mopeds on a trailer There are three sports mopeds on this trailer; the nearest one is a Moto Guzzi Dingo 50.

Three sports mopeds on a trailer The one in the middle is the most unusual of the three; it's a Nasetti Sery.

Three sports mopeds on a trailer And the third one is French: a Captivante with its distinctive concave mudguard.

Moto Ballant 1958 Moto Ballant 50 Sport - a rare Italian machine.

NSU Quick This is an NSU Quick, a 98cc autocycle type machine and not to be confused with the other NSU Quick, which was a 50cc motor cycle based on the Quickly.

DKW A DKW small wheeled moped.

Engines There are quite a few engines here, many of them Tomos, but there are others: Garelli, Honda, Mobylette, Sachs, Zündapp...

Rex Sport A Rex Sport moped, built by Pantherwerke AG

Tomos Tomos

A pair of Peugeots A pair of Peugeot mopeds one with rear suspension and one without, priced a €200 each.

Spartamatic Another Sparta Spartamatic - this one is in good condition and complete with its covers.  That's why, priced at €175, it was the most expesive one we saw there.  Other Spartamatics were for sale at prices going as low as €50.

Tendilet Tendil Tendilet with an ABG type G two-speed engine.

Motoconfort Motoconfort vélomoteur

Terrot Another French vélomoteur; this is a Terrot pour dames et ecclésiastiques.

Universal motor cycle According to the label, this veteran motor cycle is a 1902 Universal.  Names like Universal, Universel and Universelle have been used in several contries but there was a l'Universel in France at the turn of the century so perhaps it's one of those.

Solex-OTO Another Dutch version of the VéloSolex; the moped behind it is a Locomotief.  The Solex was priced at €450; the Locomotief was €100 cheaper.

Genial-Lucifer Going back to French vélomoteurs: here's a Genial-Lucifer.

Outdoor stalls There were a few stalls outside too.

Tyres One of the outdoor stalls was selling tyres.  If you have a bike that uses a hard-to-find tyre size, you'll probably find them here.  However, many UK enthusasts would baulk at some of the prices.

Italjet Tiffany Not part of the jumble but a bike that somone had ridden to the event: an Italjet Tiffany 25.

Danny & Paul Danny and Paul check the loading of the van before we set off for home

Inside the van And inside that van we find, not only the Gloria, but also that Indian moped.

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