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Vehikel, Utrecht, 2 March 2012

Photos by Andrew Pattle

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That's it for the setting-up phase.  People are coming in to buy things now.

Indian moped An Indian moped ... no, not a moped from India. Indian is the make.  American Moped Associates purchased the Indian trademark in 1977.  They produced these four-stroke Indians until 1982 when they sold out to Derbi.  The engine appears to be based on the PC50 but it's not a straight copy of the Honda version.

Mini-Motor Here's something more familiar: a Mini-Motor engine unit.

Motor Fly engine The engine unit from a Voisin Motor Fly

Spartamatic 49cc Sparta Spartamatic (Sparta also made a 38cc version of this bike).  The engine is an Jlo.

Penny Farthing It looks like a penny-farthing but obviously isn't a real one.  However, it looks as if it has been made out of a genuine boneshaker.

Micromoteur Micromoteur cyclemotor

VéloSoleX and Batavus VéloSoleX and Batavus HS50

Batavus Super Sports Batavus Super Sports.

VéloSoleXes Four VéloSoleXes in a choice of colours.

Cyclotracteur A pair of Solex OTO bikes - the version of the VéloSoleX built in the Netherlands.

Mosquito moped Mosquito sports moped.

Moto Morini Corsarino Moto Morini Corsarino

Batavette Batavus Batavette VA21

DKW Hummel DKW Hummel Super

Negrini Negrini sports moped

Magnat-Debon The fossilised remains of a Magnat-Debon Cyclorette.  The Cyclorette was made by Terrot fron 1952 to 1955 and they could be badges as either a Terrot or a Magnat-ebon.

Miele There were lots of autocycle-type machines produced in Germany in the 1930s.  Most of them, like this Miele, had Sachs engines.

Manual A wide range of moped manuals and othe documents.

Berini Matic Berini Matic EE

Mobylettes and Alfa A pair of Mobylettes share a trailer with an Alfa Romeo.

Gloria spoprts moped Paul looks pleased with his purchase.  This little Italian sports moped has been repainted leaving no traces of any transfers.  However, the marque is moulded into the fuel cap: Gloria.

Oscar sports moped Another Italian sports moped; this one's an Oscar.

Flandria Rekord And another sports moped, but Belgian this time: a Flandria Rekord 5.

Romeo sports moped Back to Italian machines, this one's a Romeo.

Moto Morini Zeta Zeta We continue the Italian sports moped theme with this Moto Morini Zeta Zeta.

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March 2012

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