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Some events for Cyclemotors, Autocycles and Mopeds

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The latest Government edict on COVID-19 restrictions have shut down all events.

Come the Spring, clubs may be able to start events up again; many are optimistically booking dates in the hope that events will be able to go ahead.  We’ll try to update this calendar when we have definite news about any event.

Every Tuesday

EACC and FMCC meeting at the Half Moon, Walton, Felixstowe.  Map
Obviously, these meetings will not take place in January … and maybe not for a while after that …

11th April

Suitable for cyclemotors

The Radar Run—ideal for cyclemotors

The Radar Run has an optional, shortened route for cyclemotors, 11 miles shorter than the main route.  The cyclemotor route runs along the same roads as the main route but omits two ‘dead end’ spurs.  This means that the back-up vehicle can cover both routes.

EACC logo

A Village Hall Event

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The EACC 17th Radar Run and Mopedjumble starts at Bromeswell Village Hall.  Map
There’s a superb circuit around Bawdsey peninsula with lots of historical interest details on the course notes.  All welcome—free Day Membership if you're not an EACC member, the usual free pitches for jumble stands—call Paul on to allow him to set your spot in the hall.  Jumble opens from 9:30am, run sets off at 11am.
The EACC AGM will be at 2:15pm—although the AGM is, of course, ‘members only’, the EACC welcomes non-members throughout the rest of the event.

18th April


Suitable for cyclemotors

VMCC Reivers Pedal and Pop Run from Kirkly Café, Ponteland, NE20 0AJ.  Map
Meet from 09:00 for 10:30 start.
(Although not specifically advertised as ‘cyclemotor-friendly’, there was a Cyclemaster and a Cyclaid on this ride in 2019.)

Mike Laidler: ,

Click for FBHVC website

In support of NSPCC Childline

Ride it Day

Every year the FBHVC has its Drive it/Ride it Day on the Sunday nearest to St George’s Day.
The aim of Drive it Day is to increase public awareness of Vintage and Classic vehicles by having as many as possible on the road for one day.  There are many events—see the Federation Website——for more details.  Several museums arrange special parking areas and reduced admission fees for anyone arriving in or on an old vehicle.  Or you can just take your old vehicle along to whatever you’d be doing anyway: going to work, going shopping, anything.

25th April—Ride it Day

In 2021, Drive it Day will be run in support of the NSPCC’s Childline
Drive it Day 2021

4th to 6th June

The EACC Northern Camping Weekend at Hooton Lodge Farm camping and fishing site, Hooton Roberts, Rotherham, South Yorkshire.  Map
There will be group rides out on Saturday and Sunday and these will be marshalled to make sure the slower machines don’t get left behind.
More information later.  John Bann: 01709 961434 or

13th June


Suitable for cyclemotors

VMCC Isle of Wight Section Underpowered Wobble Part 1, 2:00pm start from Chessell Pottery Barns, Brooke Road, PO41 0UE.  Map
An event for all VMCC-eligible machines (ie: over 25 years old) under 200cc and ‘Flat Tanks’.  A fairly flat route of around 15 miles, marked with arrows at each junction.  For your Mini-Motor, autocycle, Bantam, LE, or your pre-1930 Triumph, etc.  Large car park, so you can bring it along in a van or on a trailer.  Back to the start point in time for tea and scones.
Ron Wallis: ,

5th September

CCMC logo

EACC logo

EACC stand at the 29th Copdock Motorcycle Show.  Although it’s called Copdock Show, it hasn’t been at Copdock for many years.  The Show is at Trinity Park (aka Suffolk Showground) just east of Ipswich.  Map
As usual, the EACC will be putting on a lavish display on their club stand and, also as usual, the IceniCAM team will be helping out on the EACC stand.

25th September

30e Nationaal Veteraan Treffen at Woerden (70km from Hook of Holland).  Map
See for details.

18th & 19th December

Central Classics motor cycle and moped jumble, Expo Houten, Meidoornkade 24, 3992 AE Houten (close to Utrecht).  Map
Three halls of stalls covering 10,000m², free parking.


Many events listed in this calendar are "closed to club members".  The EACC offers free day membership to visiting riders at all its rides.  The NACC, British Two-Stroke Club and the VMCC Cyclemotor Section also offer day membership at selected events, for which there is usually a charge.  The golden rule is: if you want to take part in an event listed here and you do not belong to the organising club, always contact the event organiser to see if you are permitted to take part.

Generally, riders of veteran and low powered machines are also welcome at these events.  Contact the event organiser for details.

Please call at a reasonable hour when telephoning for details of events (not forgetting the time difference if you're 'phoning another country).

List of Events Event Reports

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3rd January 2021—EACC Mince Pie Run

6th September 2020—Coprolite Run

26th July 2020—East Anglian Run

8th March 2020—Alex’s Birthday Run

5th January 2020—EACC Mince Pie Run

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