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EACC weekend at the Horham Bygones Rally

Sunday 14 June 2009

Photos by Mark Daniels, Dave Evans, Carl Harper & Andrew Pattle

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First sitting for breakfast First sitting for breakfast

Before the road run

RAF James Comet Yamaha and Puch Berini Cyclaid Cyclotracteur Two Puchs Sun motor cycle Victoria Vicky 117 Well laden Honda New Hudson and RM11 Kerry and Suzuki Mobylette AV89 James autocycle James autocycle Tractor Run Tractor Run Tractor Run

At Saxtead

Mopeds at Saxtead Green Mopeds at Saxtead Green Mopeds at Saxtead Green RM11 at Saxtead Green James at Saxtead Green Honda Novio at Saxtead Green Mopeds at Saxtead Green NSU and James at Saxtead Green Levis at Saxtead Green

Earl Soham

An unscheduled stop in Earl Soham An unscheduled stop in Earl Soham Victoria moped at Earl Soham Victoria

Return to Horham

Dave riding his Berini Norman Model C Sun motor cycle New Hudson James bicycle and James autocycle James autocycle Ef on his Gilera Puch James autocycle Keith on his New Hudson Brian rides a Bown autocycle

Ralph's Moped Gymkana

Ralph's Moped Gymkana Alex makes an announcement on the PA system Ralph's Moped Gymkana Dave attempts the course Danny starts his run Alex tries using Nick's Mobylette Dave tries it on the Corgi Ralph presents Nick with the valuable trophy

Time to go home

Puch and Victoria Dave crosses the field... ...and heads for home... ...followed by the Norman

The result

A 'thank you' from EACH

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