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Vehikel, Utrecht

6 March 2009

Photos by Andrew Pattle

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The jumble fills two halls of Utrecht's Veemarkt, so let's take in one hall at a time.

First hall

Wall Auto Wheel engine Cyclotracteur engine Cyclotracteur Lohmann on a Pon cycle Johnson engine BSA Beagle Schwinn/Whizzer Twin cyclinder Whizzer ABC Scootamota Favor autocycle Peugeot autocycle 45cc VéloSoleX Pedal cycle with spring forks Riga moped Velorex microcar 1949 Alcyon moped Peugeot BB A strangely customised Mobylette Berini M13 on a cross frame bicycle Folding moped with Jlo engine Germam motorisied bicycle A Mobylette trying to hide behind an ordinary Motobécane Poney Mosquito engine Lohmann primary drive cover

Before we go to the other hall, let's just have a look in the...

Car park

Piaggio Si with plent of carrying capacity Sparta GI50

OK, we can go into the other hall now.

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