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Go on then, just one more! (part 2)
26th Mince Pie Run
4 January 2009

Photos by Andrew Pattle

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The EACC departs

Martin on a Hercules Corvette The mopeds leaving Ipswich A Puch and a Corgi A Cyclemaster mixed in with the mopeds Smaller wheels but more smoke A BSA Beagle leads this lot Still they keep coming Another horde of mopeds Bown autocycle Carole and Bill on Yamahas, Lindsay on a Sym John on a Kerry Capitano

Then the Coasters leave

Lambrettas More scooters leave A Vespa from Sudbury Scooter Club More Lambrettas Heinkel and Lambretta Vespa and sidecar Vespa PX with the Coasters banner

They're all heading for Shotley...

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