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The Research Team in New Zealand
December 2009/January 2010

Photos by Mark Daniels

You may have read in the 'teaser trailer' at the end of our Norman Lido feature that the Iceni CAM Research Team had travelled to the far side of the Earth in search of a moped that doesn't officially exist.  Here are some photos of some of the machines they saw on that trip ... though none of the "moped that doesn't officially exist" of course, we'll reveal that when World's End is published.

Morini cyclemotorWe'll start with a tour around Kelven Martin's shed.  Kelven has quite a collection of bikes ... this one is a 28cc Morini cyclemotor.

BicyclesThere are quite a lot of bicycles hanging on the wall.  And you begin to realise that, on the shed scale, this one is at the larger end.

Honda PeopleHonda PeopleHere are two pictures of a Honda People, another modern cyclemotor that's unknown in the UK.

Victoria VickyThis is a Victoria Vicky with a fan-cooled engine.

Zündapp CombinetteWe find this Zündapp Combinette trying to hide behind an Allen Scythe.

Ariel ThreesWe're back on more familiar territory now with this pair of Ariel Three mopeds.

Honda MotocompoNext to the Ariels is a Honda Motocompo - a folding moped that fits into a car boot.

CorgiAnd, in a similar vein, though somewhat older than the Motocompo, here's a Brockhouse Corgi.

BSA DandyA BSA Dandy sits on the 'mezzanine'.

Victoria VickyA little further along, there's another Victoria - though this one doesn't have its engine fitted.

DKW HobbBack down to ground level and a little awkward to get to - this is a DKW Hobby, a 74cc automatic scooter with a pull-cord starter.

98cc motor cycley98cc motor cycleThis 98cc motor cycle has a Villiers 1F engine but no other identification.  The forks are unusual: at first sight they look like girder forks but look closer and the links are rigid and the legs are telescopic.  The rear hub has its brake drum on the opposite side to the sprocket.  Note also the expansion chamber exhaust pipe.  What is it?  All these features point clearly to it being a Norman Model D ... except, being an export model, it was probably brandes as a Rambler or a Roamer.

The bike behind it, with the lighter blue tank, is a Mule.

VéloSoleX bitsWe can see a Puch frame in there, but most of the stuff on this shelf is VéloSoleX.

CyclaidA Cyclaid on a Raleigh cycle.  There's a surprisingly large number of Cyclaids in New Zealand ... and several of them are in this shed.

CyclemasterAnother cyclemotor - a Cyclemaster this time.

EmpoHere's another difficult-to-get-at moped, but it's worth trying as it's another unusual machine: a Dutch-made Empo Toerist.

EnginesEngines.  That's a Zündapp motor under the crash helmet ... and there's another of those Morini cyclemotors ...

HCM Engine... and this engine is from a Her-Cu-Motor.

GörickeA Göricke Diva Luxus

cyclemotorsIn front of the Göricke we find a collection of cyclemotors: a Mini-Motor, a Cyclemaster, the barrel from a Power Pak, a Mosquito ... and essential equipment for the cyclemotorist: a pair of trouser clips.

cyclemotorsFurther to the left: more Mini-Motors and another Cyclemaster

Now, what's that over there?

January 2010

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