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Norfolk Motorcycle Museum

Norfolk Motorcycle Museum

Photos by Mark Gibb

The sign on the outside This the sign on the outside wall that tells you where Mark Gibb was visiting in May 2024.  Mark sent us these pictures of the smaller bikes along with some of the weirder stuff in the museum.  He didn’t tell us what the pictures are of, so any mistakes in Identifying them are all are own work…

BSA flat tank…and we come unstuck on the first picture: it’s a single cylinder flat tanker with ‘BSA’ on the side… BSA

MZ Now we’ on slightly firmer ground— this is an MZ TS250 dating from 1980.

Monet–Goyon Next is this Monet–Goyon, we’re not sure of the model—an S6V perhaps.  The small springs at the base of the forks are Grégoire compensators: a feature unique to Monet–Goyon.

Puch VZ50/3pThis is a 1972 Puch VZ50/3P

Triumph TerrierA 1954 Triumph and, with plunger rear suspension, we’d hazard a guess that it’s a Terrier.

ExcelsiorAn Excelsior Universal with Excelsior’s own 147cc engine

Danuvia DV-125Now for something a little more exotic: all the way from Hungary, a Danuvia DV-125 … or is it a DMV-125?

VW engined specialA 'Special' with a Volkswagen car engine.

MZ ES250An MZ ES250

Honda H100S-IIThis Honda H100S-II is blue, so it’s going to date from no earlier than 1988.

Mini BikeThis Mini-bike has an NSU Quickly engine.

Francis-BarnettThe triangulated frame of a Francis–Barnett.

Harley-DavidsonA Harley–Davidson and. if you like Harley–Davidsons, you’ll have more idea about what sort is is than we do.

Terrot & GarelliThe moped on the left is a Terrot Cyclomatic, and beside it is a Garelli Bimatic.

VéloSoleXes A pair of VéloSoleXes

Excelsior Another Excelsior, but with a Villiers engine this time.

Victoria Victoria Luxus moped

Solex & GarelliAnother VéloSoleX and another Garelli

Raleigh bicycle A Raleigh bicycle—it might look older at first sight but our guess is that it’s from the 1970s

Mobylette Motobécane AV33 Mobylette de Luxe

Corgi1948 Brockhouse Corgi Mk.II

Mobylette & NVT A Mobylette and an NVT Easy Rider

P50 & C90 Two Hondas: a P50 and a C90

NVT & Z&uumlndapp That NVT Easy Rider again, and a Zündapp Super Combinette

PC50 & RM5A Honda PC50 and a 1965 Raleigh RM5 Supermatic— the earlier leading-link fork version.

HondaHonda Monkey Bike

Maxi & RunaboutA Puch Maxi and a Raleigh RM6 Runabout

RM6 & BB1TThe same RM6 has a Peugeot BB1T beside it.

VéloSoleX 6000Another VéloSoleX, but this is the shaft-drive 6000 model.

Next we come to a 1969 Honda PC50 and another Mobylette.  The registration number is no clue to its age as AAUnnnA was a Nottingham non-age-related re-registration series.
A-suffix numbers were introduced in 1963 when some local authorities (notably Middlesex) were running out of the three-number three-letter registrations.  However, most authorities had plenty of the old numbers left so ignored the new system and carried on with the old one.  most started using B registrations in 1964 but a few managed to hold out for another year before they were brought to heel.  When a re-regisration was needed—usually when a number had been transferred to another vehicle—they resorted to their unused A-suffix numbers.

HondaBack down to the floor and a Honda 90 Cub

two Mobylettes Back up to the shelf and two bronze Mobylettes, the one we haven’seen before is a 1970 AV89—whic is the later version with telescopic forks.

Tomos & HondaThe Tomos will be an A3-something.

New HudsonA New Hudson Re-styled Autocycle.  The standard colour was maroon but a few black ones like this were made.

BSA SpecialTake one frame and two engines, giving four cylinders, put them together, and this is what you end up with.

Three HondasThree Hondas: the middle one is a Dax and the others … aren’t.

Honda ExpressHonda Express

Who knows?You’re guess is as good as mine on this one.

SS50 & FS1-ERivals for the sixteener market: a Honda SS50 and a Yamaha FS1-E

BMW A BMW C1 along with its nemesis: a crash helmet.

Poirier tricycle This Poirier tricycle is the version powered by a Sachs engine…

Poirier tricycle engine …and here is that engine.

HendersonFour-cylinder Henderson from the mid-1920s.

Speedway bike

Zeta-powered MoultonThis Moulton Mini is fitted with a Sinclair Zeta electric ‘power’ unit.

Raleigh bicycleUnlike the other Raleigh bicycle, this one may be older than it looks at first sight: possibly from the late-1930s.

Jawa and trailerFinally, outside the museum building, there was this Jawa and trailer.

Published June 2024

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