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A Moped Museum in the Netherlands

Photos by Cock van der Windt

Cock van der Windt has a museum of sports mopeds in the Netherlands and has sent us these photos of a selection of machines from his collection.

Alpino T48 4T Restoration in progress on an Alpino T48 4T four-stroke

Alpino T48 4T Studio photo of the finished Alpino T48 4T four-stroke

Avada Super Sport Avada Super Sport with headlamp fairing.  Avada mopeds came from Alphen a/d Rijn and the name is derived from that of the company's owner: A VAn DAm.

Avaros Ultra Sport Avaros Ultra Sport.  Avaros (or Avros,as a number of earlier nachines were branded), like a number of Dutch marque names, is derived from the founder's name: Ad VAn ROSsum.  The company was based in Dordrecht.  Like most Avaros machines, the Ultra Sport is powered by a Flandria engine.

Berini M21 Sport Berini M21 Sport.  Perhaps the least sporting of Berini's sports-styled mopeds, since it was powered by the single-speed M21 engine.

Ducbock Sandrino Ducbock Sandrino four-stroke.  Ducbock machines came from the firm of Gé van Bockel in Rotterdam ans were powered by Ducati engines.  The name is a contraction of DUCati and van BOCKel.

Ducbock Sandrino Restored Ducbock Sandrino four-stroke.

Magneet Cheetah Magneet Cheetah 601 in the museum.

Magneet Cheetah Studio photo of the Magneet Cheetah 601

Superia Fullspeed Superia Fullspeed.  Superia was a counterpart to Flandria and, while Flandria machines had their own engines, Superia used proprietary engines: Sachs, Victoria and Pluvier.  The Fullspeeed was a Sachs-powered equivalent to the Flandria Record.

Testi Weekend Cross Testi Weekend Cross

Yamaha FS1 four-strok Yamaha FS1 ... four-stroke

Zündler Zündler.  This special is constructed from Zündapp and Kreidler parts.  As well as being a contraction of ZÜNapp and KreiDLER, Zündler is also German for firebrand.

Zündler Zündler on display at Vehikel in Rosmalen.

Published January 2013

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