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Mike's New Hudson

by Paul Efreme

The New Hudson at Horham in July 2012
The New Hudson at Horham in July 2012  (Photo: M Daniels)

When Mike Flood passed away, his brother Keith said that the New Hudson and spares would be sold off.  I asked Keith for first refusal of the autocycle.

Keith kept his word and duly phoned me to say that an advert would be going onto the IceniCAM Website.  Sadly, by the time I agreed to buy the bike, Keith informed me that it had already been sold.

This is where Fate stepped in.  Barry Thomas bought the bike and henceforth rode it on the Radar Run.  However, he hadn't realised until then that the 98cc engine could not be ridden on his car licence.  Barry found that to undergo a full motor cycle test would involve an expensive outlay.

I passed my test back in 1963, when God was a boy; and fellow old duffers will know that then you could ride a bigger bike.

Keith suggested to Barry that I might like to buy the New Hudson from him.  Barry got my acceptance immediately.

It wasn't until I stripped down Mike's machine that I could see just how much work had gone into the original restoration.  My rejuvenated New Hudson has, so far, been on two club runs with, hopefully, many more to come.

Finally, I would like to say thanks to Keith and Barry, with particular acknowledgement to Mike.

This article appeared in the January 2013 Iceni CAM Magazine.
[Text © 2012 P Efreme.]

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